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Payment Information For Overseas Customers

All prices listed are in US dollars.

We will mark any required customs forms “Printed Materials Intended for Educational Research”, which should be admitted duty free in most countries.

The easiest method of making payment from outside the United States is either by CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL. New Steamship Consultants does NOT charge any extra fees for using a credit card as payment.

Prices listed are in United States Dollars. If you cannot use a credit card or PayPal, payment may be made by International Cheque or Money order Payable in US$. These must be drawn on a US Bank. They are available at most banks in your country. A few countries allow Payment to be made by International Postal Money Order payable in US$. (Japan Allows this, but Europe does not).

You may also send US$ Currency Notes. The Post Office recommends that you use REGISTERED MAIL if sending cash.

Euro-Cheques are not accepted. The Banks charge a large fee to collect payment on them.

Please do not forget to include the Overseas Airmail Charges in your payment.

Wire Transfers: We can only accept funds from Wire Transfers on Orders of US$500.00 or over. The reason for this is that the banks charge a large fee for incoming wire transfers from overseas. Quite often a wire will go thru 3 or 4 different banks until it reaches our bank. Each bank along the way takes out a fee.