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Information For Appraisals

Information For Appraisals

The cost for appraisals is $15.00 PER ITEM if you have 20 items or less. If you have more than 20 items, the price is $7.50 for each additional item over 20.

We only do appraisals for paper items such as Deck Plans, Books, Booklets, Menus, Passenger lists, etc. We do not do appraisals for “Hard” items, Framed Pictures or Paintings, nor do we know anyone who specializes in “Hard” items.

Payment can be completed via PayPal. You do not have to be a member of PayPal to pay using your credit card on the PayPal secure server. Enter the number of items you want to appraise (1-20) in the quantity field of the PayPal server.

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You can also mail payment to us:
New Steamship Consultants
PO Box 30088
Mesa, AZ 85275

After we receive your PayPal Payment, we will send you instructions on how to email us information about your items as well as send any images. We will send you a special email address to use. Do NOT send any images to our regular email address, as our server is configured to reject all images.

You must describe the item fully. (Be sure to advise date, ship, size, number of pages, photos, condition, etc..)

You MUST provide a valid E-Mail address. The final appraisal is given by email, and we may need to request additional information from you.

If mailing payment, you may send additional documentation such as photographs of the item(s) and/or Xerox copies. You MUST include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope if you want these returned to you. If no SASE is enclosed, the copies or photos will not be returned.


Requests sent without full payment will not be considered.

These “quick appraisals” are an indication of the vlaue of the items you have and will be advised by email only. If you require a written appraisal for insurance purposes, the fee is higher @$25.00 per item, with a $75.00 minimum charge.

Thank you!