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Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I order items? How is the best way to make payment? Are there any Postage or Handling Charges?

All the information you need is covered in Order iInformation.

This will provide complete information on how to order, payment methods accepted and postage & handling charges worldwide.  Click Here to see the Order Information.


My interest is the TITANIC. Do you have any Memorabilia from the Titanic?

This is one of the most asked questions we get. Certainly the Titanic is one of the most famous ships of all time. Since we deal only in original items , anything from the Titanic is extremely rare and commands a very high price. Most original Titanic items are sold at auction, and therefore we do not have a list of Titanic Items for Sale. We do offer for purchase our reproduction Deck Plans (The only item we sell that is not original).

Click Here to Go To the Titanic Deck Plans
In addition, many collectors choose to collect items from the White Star Line, which is the company that the Titanic sailed for. One of our most popular items is our White Star Line Emergency Stations Deck Plans.

Click Here to Go To the White Star Line Emergency Stations Deck Plans
In addition, you will find items from the White Star Line in many of our on-line catalogs.

General Information

Exactly What is Ocean Liner Memorabilia?

Items of interest to our collectors are DECK PLANS, INTERIOR BOOKLETS & BROCHURES, MENUS, PASSENGER LISTS, SAILING SCHEDULES, POST CARDS and all other PAPER Memorabilia. We do not normally carry china, glassware or other “hard” items.

Deck Plans are maps of the ships, Interior booklets & brochures are popular because they show photographs of the ship and the interior rooms.
Some collectors prefer menus, programs and passenger lists because they rode the seas along with the passengers.
Whatever your interest, we have a wide assortment of memorabilia to suit your particular interests.
Except for post cards, we carry only items that were issued by the steamship companies themselves.
We do not sell any reproductions, all items are ORIGINALS. (Except for our Titanic Reprint Deck Plans). We also do NOT carry commercially published books that are currently in print.

We have continually served our clients throughout the US, Canada and many foreign countries since 1968.

I did not see the items I am looking for at this time. Can you help?

The items listed on our catalogs represent only a small fraction of our entire stock. We would be happy to search our database and send you a “Compu-Quote” by E-Mail. A “Compu-Quote” is a specialized quote from our vast database of items available to suit a specific collectors interest. Please let us know your specific interests. We can search our database by ship name, steamship line, date range, type of memorabilia or price range. There is NO CHARGE for this service [for an E-Mail Compu-Quote]. We would rather find the specific items of interest for you, rather than list them on a catalog and cause disappointment for you later if someone else purchases the item before you. However, please note that we are set up to help the collector of Ocean Liner Memorabilia. We are not set up to sell items by a specific date or voyage, so please do not request a particular date or voyage.

Can you help me do some ship research?

We are not a publicly supported research organization or non-profit entity. We are a for-profit business which is limited to the Sale of Ocean Liner Memorabilia.

On any given day, we receive close to 100 e-mails requesting research information from us. {Tell me more about a particular ship, Help me with my Genealogy research, Tell me about a particular voyage, What date did a particular ship arrive?, Tell me more about an item I have, Help me with a Research Project, etc…}

We are unable to take the time to research and reply to these requests. It would be impossible for us to spend the time required to give our Customers the level of service they deserve and have come to expect from us. For this reason, we ask that you do NOT contact us for any type of research or “information only” request that is not related to our primary business of selling Ocean Liner Memorabilia.

Can you help me find items from a Particular Voyage?

Sorry, we cannot. As all of our items are originals, finding an exact date is like finding a needle in a haystack! It is extremely unlikely that you will ever see anything from the particular voyage that you have in mind, but you may be able to own a piece of history from that ship or shipping company that you are interested in. So while it may not be the correct voyage or even the exact year, it really is possible for you to acquire something to treasure. Please do not send us requests for specific dates, as we are not set up to search in that manner.

Can you appraise some items for me?

Yes, this is a fee based service. We have appraised many items and collections.   Click Here for Information on Getting your Items Appraised.