Travel Of The World Items

New Steamship Consultants continues to specialize in PAPER items from the Great Ocean Liners.  From time to time we do occasionally obtain travel items.   We are presenting the entire selection here on this list.  We do not have any other Travel items that are not listed here.

Please order by Item Number.   Items are ordered first by region then by country.
All items are in Very Good Condition, or better, unless otherwise noted.
Please list alternate choices on your order when possible.

W09 The Edward Hotel- Durban. Sandwiches menu & price list. 5×6″ fldr. c1960s. $17.50

W19 “From Algiers to Marrakech in a Motor Car”. (French Line). 20 pages + cvrs. 6×9.25″. 26 photos. Text. Issued 1921. $22.00

M285 Three Gorges on the Yangtse River. Nice print issued in China. Description on back. Issued by China International Travel Service in China. 10.5×15″. $17.50

W40 Madras, India. Tourist map. Opens to 15×16.5″ from folder. c1960s. $17.50

W1658 Map of Kyoto, Japan. Guide to Kyoto Handicraft Center. Opens to 15×20″. 32 photos, text. c1970. $17.50

W1663 “Annex Your Japan Escort”. Jan-Feb 1986. 112 pages + cvrs. 4×10.25″. Many maps, photos, ads. $17.50

W976 Japan Airlines Bar service card. 4.5×9.5″ card. c1960s. $15.00

W998 Invitation to 1965 “Cherry Festival” sale at Silk Center Shopping Arcade, Yokohama. 6×8.5″. Currency conversion chart on back. $15.00

W919 Novosirskoe Vodoxranilishe1977 brochure in Russian. Large map of river by this name, text, 3 photos. Schedules. 9×26″. City of Novosibrsk on map. $17.50

W553 Barbados. (Cunard Cruises) 8 pages. 5×7.25″. General information, map, hotels. c1960s. $17.50

W1101 Empty souvenir match book. Inverurie Hotel in Bermuda. c1930s. $15.00

W1042 Courtesy card for “Central park Store”, Havana, Cuba. Entitles bearer to a free souvenir. 2.25×4″. 1950s $15.00

W1046 Unused Post card of “Templete de la Plaza de Armas de la Habana (Cuba)”. Sketch. 1950s. $10.00

W565 Curacao. (Cunard Cruises) 8 pages. 5×7.25″. General information, map, hotels. c1960s. $17.50

W566 Curacao. 12×18″ brochure. 26 color photos. Map, text. c1972. $17.50

W568 The Golden Tankard Jewelers: Curacao. 5.5×25″ brochure flips open from folder. Photos of many of their available objects. c1950s. $17.50

W570 El Continental Gift Shop: Curacao. 4 pages. 4×8.5″. Text, drawings. c1950s. $17.50

W571 El Louvre Shop: Curacao. 6×9″ card. Touts shop. Map. c1950s. $15.00

W587 Triangular West Indies Tours. (Cunard Line) To Include Caribbean & Europe. 9×16″. 12 photos. Text, rates. c1926. $20.00

W583 Havana / Nassau / West Indies. (Willy’s Tours) 12×18.25″. Itineraries, prices, map. Information. 1957. $17.50

W1117 “My Trip Through the Panama Canal”. (Panama Pacific Line). 24pg bklet + cvrs. 8×9″. 32 superb photos. Some photos of Panama Pacific Liners. Text. Numerous maps. Issued by the IMM in 1934. Removed from a scrapbook, so there are some paste marks to cover. $22.00

W1665 The Panama Canal Locks. 4pg brochure. 4×9″. Photos od Gatun Locks and Pedro Miguel Locks. Text, diagrams, statistics. c1930s. $17.50

W592 Sightseeing in Panama & Balboa. 4 pages. 3.5×6.25″. Itinerary for Motor Car tour. c1920s. $17.50

W594 The Panama Canal. Condensed information. 8 pages. 4×8″. 8 photos, map, text, history, statistics, information. Issued 1930s. $17.50

W1178 Small card from “Panama Hats Store” Panama. 3×4.25″. c1920. $15.00

W1187 Souvenir paper napkin from Hotel Internacional, Panama. 4. 5×4.5″ unopened. Torn. c1930s. $15.00

W606 Post Card of the Altar of St. Joseph Church: Panama City. 4.25×6″. No date. c1930s. $10.00

W158 Vienna & Lower Austria. 128 pages + cvrs. 4×6.5″. 44 photos. Issued 1929. Nice travel guide! $30.00

W156 Salzburg Illustrated Travellers Guide. 64 pages + cvrs. 4.5×6.5″. 92 photos. Insert of fold open map. c1950. In English. Very descriptive. $20.00

W162 6×8″ brochure on “Must See” in Vienna. English & German. c1930s. $17.50

W164 Innsbruck: List of Hotels, Inns & Boarding Houses. Prices. 1933. 4×8.5″. Upper corner torn off. $17.50

W935 Legitimation” card for Hotel Erzherzog Karl, Vienna. 1926. 2.5×5″. In German. “Cunard Line”. $17.50

W173 Meuse Valley & Ardennes Mountains. 24pg bklet + cvrs. 5×7.5″. 26 nice photographs. Issued 1910. $25.00

W175 Visit Belgium & The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 20 pages + cvrs. 8.5×9″. A montage of over 60 nice photos. c1938. $25.00

M311 Dinner menu card from Wiltcher’s & Carlton Hotel, Brussels, Belgium. 4×6″. July 8 1928. Printing has faded, so it is hard to read. Removed from a scrapbook, so there is paste damage on back. $17.50

ARCH13 2 sheets from Architectural review 1903. Plans of several houses, New Theatre in Prague & 2 exterior illustrations. 7×9.5″. $17.50

W1206 Scandinavia Map and travel facts. Opens to 16.5×23.25″. 1982. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. $17.50

W450 Foreign Exchange Guide. Issued by a Finnish Bank. 4pg fldr. 4.25×6″. c1950s. $17.50

W937 FINLAND- Timetable & Fares, Summer 1976. Air, rail, Steamer. 16 pages. 8×8.25″. Map. $17.50

WOST01 VERSAILLES. Superb booklet contains 24 singe sided pages. Each contains a superb tip in (pasted in) plate with a full color illustration. Booklet measures 11×15″. Plates measure 8.5×10.75″. Captions. Cover worn, otherwise very good condition. Exceptionally RARE. Issued by “A. Bourdier – Versailles”. c1927. $125.00

W245 France. 44 pages + cvrs. 6×9.25″. 121 nice photos, + photo of liner PARIS. Text. Issued 1924. $40.00

W993 Ministre des Finances, France. Filled out currency declarations form. The pre printed form is hand written, typeset forms were probably not yet available. Dated Sept 20 1939. $40.00

W240 Alps, Savoy, Dauphine. 1931 tourist guide. 104 pages + cvrs. 7×9″. 48 photos. Concise information, hotels, nice ads. Covers frayed and separated from booklet. $30.00

ARCH12 2 sheets plus double page spread from “L’Illustration” June 7 1913. Exterior photo, 10 elegant interior color photos from Elysee Palace, Paris. Plan too. French text. 11×16″. Also interior photo from St. James Palace, London. $25.00

W246 France. 16 pages. 8×9″. 34 photos. Text. c1930s. $25.00

W1207 FRANCE “The Tourist’s Dreamland”. 24pg bklet + cvrs. 4×9″. 45 photographs. Map. 1954. $20.00

W202 Motor Tours In and From Paris. 56 pages + cvrs. 4.5×9″. 1932. 30 photos. Itineraries, prices, map. $20.00

W205 Paris Excursions 1929. 16 pages + cvrs. 4.25×9.5″. 15 photos. Itineraries, prices. George Lunn’s Tours, Ltd. $20.00

W212 Vichy: Thermal capital. 12 pages. 8.25×9.5″. 20 photos. Text. Issued c1937. $20.00

W219 Le Sud De La Bretagne. 1932. 16 pages. 4.25×9″. 11 photos. Automobile tours. Prices. $20.00

W220 Regions de Centre Et Du Sud Centre (France) 1932. 16 pages. 4.25×9″. Auto tours, prices. 11 photos. $20.00

W222 Les Chateux de La Loire. 1931 Auto Tours. 20 pages. 4.25×9″. . 13 photos. Maps. Itineraries. $20.00

W222B Les Chateux de La Loire. 1932 Auto Tours. 16 pages. 4.25×9″. . 13 photos. Maps. Itineraries. $20.00

W244 Automobile Tours in France. 12 pages + cvrs. 9×9.5″. 45 photos. Saison D’Ete. 1935. $20.00

W254 Midi Railways. Motor car services. Routes des Pyrenees, Cevennes et des, Gorges du Tarn. 1933. 16 pages. 5×9.5″. 11 photos. Itineraries, prices, maps. In French. $20.00

W255 Escorted Motor Tours in France. 1930. 16 pages + cvrs. 4.5×9.5″. 14 photos. Itineraries, prices. $20.00

W1088 Small 4pg fldr from “Ocean” shop, Paris. 4.25×5.5″. Describes their specialties. c1915. $17.50

W1152 Hotel D’Alayrac, Paris. 4pg fldr. 3.5×5″. Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper stuck on. c1930. 2 photographs. $17.50

W1156 France Excursions en Auto-Car De Luxe Pullman. 10.5×12″. Tour descriptions & prices. c1932. $17.50

W1292 South of France. (Cunard Cruises) 12 pages. 5×7.25″. General information, map, hotels. c1960s. $17.50

W1495 3.5×5″ card advewrtises the Hotel Franklin & Du Bresil, Paris. Map of area on reverse. c1920s. $17.50

W192 Paris: Weekly Information. Oct 17-24 1956. 32 pages + cvrs. 5.5×8.25″. Events, sightseeing, ads. $17.50

W193 Paris: Weekly Information. Aug 30-Sept 5 1967. 32 pages + cvrs. 5.5×8.25″. Events, sightseeing, ads. $17.50

W195 Paris: Weekly & Tourism. July 11-18 1930. 72 pages + cvrs. 5.5×8.25″. Events, hotels, ads. $17.50

W200 Paris Excursions. 8.25×19″. 3 photos. Itineraries, prices. c1930. $17.50

W206 Hazen’s Tours- Paris. Itineraries, prices. 9.25×20″. 1930. $17.50

W217 The Seaside of France. 16 pages. 8.5×9″. 11 photos. Information on the resorts. c1950s. $17.50

W221 L’Anjou. (France) 8.5×16.5″. 10 photos. Insert of hotels & restaurants. Text. 1950. $17.50

W226 Midi Railway of France. 9.5×10″. 8 photos, map. March 1931. $17.50

W243 Fetes en France. 1937. 16 pages. 5.5×8.5″. In French. $17.50

W247 Memories of the French Revolution. 8.5×21″. Various itineraries. c1930s. $17.50

W248 France. 20 itineraries. 28 pages. 4.25×6″. c1950. $17.50

W250 Lyons. General information. 20 pages. 4×8.25″. What to See, hotels, maps. c1950. $17.50

W256 Societe des Produits Europeans. “The Biggest Little Shop in Paris”. Comprehensive price list. Issued 1956. 28 pages + cvrs. 5.5×8.5″. $17.50

W259 Travelling in France. July 1951 issue. 4 pages. 8.5×11″. 5 photos, articles. $17.50

W1041 Receipt from Thos. Cook & Son, for currency exchange. 1952. Paris office. 4×5.5″. $15.00

W1064 “Trains Transatlantiques- Service des Bagages”. Paris St. Lazare-Le Havre Maritime. Registration Ticket. Numbered. 2.5×3.25″. c1965. $15.00

W1151 Hotel D’Alayrac, Paris. Sheet of unused writing paper. 5.5×7.25″. Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper stuck on. c1930. $15.00

W1189 Baggage sticker for Hotel Duminy, Paris. Unused. Hotel address also printed on. 4×5″. c1930s. $15.00

W957 Sheet of unused writing paper from Hotel Claridge, Paris. Opens to form a 4pg writing folder. c1950s. $15.00

W991 Receipt card from Cafe Hotel Franc-Comtois, Bordeaux. 3×5″. c1939. $15.00

W1278 Post card of the Canal at Agen, France. B&W. Used, 1951. $10.00

W1279 Post card of “Le Vieux Basin”- Saint Nazaire, France. B&W. c1910. $10.00

W1284 Post card of “Quai de la Mer.”- Port-En-Bassin, France. B&W. c1910. $10.00

W1285 Post card of “Barque entrant au Port”- Port-En-Bassin, France. B&W. c1910. $10.00

W298 The Rhine. 48 pages + cvrs. 8×9″. 40 photos. English text. Fold out map. c1930s. $30.00

W301 Der Rhein. 64 pages + cvrs. 5×7.25″. 46 photos. Text in German. Hotels list with prices. Rhine steamer schedules. 1930. $30.00

W313 Traveling in Beautiful Germany. (Cunard Line) 48 pages + cvrs. 4×9″. 82 small photos. English text. Fold out map. Issued 1929. $30.00

W261 Frankfurt am Main. 12 small photographs in folder. Folder tattered, photos in great condition. 3×3.5″. c1920s. $25.00

W262 Koln am Rhein. 12 small photographs in folder. 3×3.5″. c1920s. $25.00

W263 Nurnberg. 12 small photographs in folder. (Series I) 3×3.5″. c1920s. $25.00

W266 Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 15 small photographs in folder. (Series I). 3×3.5″. c1920s. $25.00

W267 Rothenburg ob der Tauber. 15 small photographs in folder. (Series II). 3×3.5″. c1920s. $25.00

W268 Wilbad i Schwarzwald. 10 small photographs in folder. 3×3.5″. c1920s. $25.00

W295 The Rhine. 88 pages + cvrs. 4×9″. 22 photos. English text. Fold out map. c1930. $25.00

W279 Nuremberg – Rothenburg Automobile trips. 9×16.5″. 28 photos, map. c1930s. $22.00

W283 Dresden. 9×20″ brochure issued for 1930 International Hygiene Exhibition. 10 photos. German text. $22.00

W310 Germany. 18×24″. Large map, 24 nice photos. English text. c1930. $22.00

W1204 The Middle Rhine, from Speyer to Koblenz. 4×9″ brochure contains 2 fold open maps in pocket. Photo on cover panel. c1930s. $20.00

W1337 Brochure issued for the 1930 Oberammergau Passion Play. The brochure opens to 12×16″. It was issued by the Cunard shipping line. There are 12 photographs. The brochure describes the Passion Play and the sea voyage. There is also a photo of the liner Aquitania. $20.00

W269 Funfecker Turm mit Lunginsland u. Kaiserstallung. (Germany) Large fold out with 9 photographs. 3.5×5″ each. Issued c1930. $20.00

W280 Nurnberg. Sightseeing tours. 9.25×16.5″. 10 photos. Itineraries, prices. c1930s. $20.00

W320 Beim Lindenwirt Drosselgasse: Rudesheim. 32 pages + cvrs. 4.25×6″. Appears to be a booklet about a winery. 9 photos. Text in German. Price list. c1920s. $20.00

W321 Kaiserhof-Palst: Koln. 32pg programme + cvrs. 6×8.25″. 1928. Many ads. $20.00

W322 “Sachlilche Schweiz und Oftliches Erzgebirge”. 9×24.5″. 15 photos, map. German text. c1920s. $20.00

W328 Hansestadt Bremen. 6 pages. 9×11.5″. 5 photos, including a half page photo of the liner “Kronprinzessin Cecilie”. 1934. $20.00

W891 Munchens Galerien und Sammlungen. Sommer 1913, 8 pages + cvrs. 5.5×9″. Programme of events, ads. Munich map. In German. $20.00

W990 “Ausweiskarte” from Dom Hotel, Koln. Identification card. Dated July 29 1939. 4 pages. 2.5×4″. $20.00

ARCH14 Single sheet from Architectural review 1896. Plan from New Theatre, Berlin. 7.25×9.75″. $17.50

W277 Bavarian States Opera. 4×8.5″ sheet for concert Aug 20 1930. Fees and seating plan. Damage to upper left corner. $17.50

W304 Hotel Darmstadter Hof- Rudesheim. 7×12.5″ “Letter Card”. 2 interior photos. 1920s. $17.50

W324 Schwabischer Sangerbund: Itinerary. 4 pages. 5×7″. Via steamer Deutschland. 1930. (Germany) $17.50

W326 Visiting Hours of Munich Art Galleries. 1930. 8 pages. 6×8.25″. Table lists hours & prices. City map, information. In German. Edges frayed. $17.50

W770 Map of Northern Bavaria, Germany. 8.5×10.5″. c1930s. $17.50

W828 Ratschlage Fur Die waren-Behandlung. 40 pages + cvrs. 4.25×7″. In German. c1950s. $17.50

W830 Information Notice/Warning about fish in the North Sea. In German. 6.25×9.5″. No date, c1930. Some tears. $17.50

W836 Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe). Popular Berlin Department store. 1930 receipt. $17.50

W1006 Envelope maked “Ihre Kurist wirksamer mit KAFFEE HAG”. Nice document pouch. c1950s. $15.00

W270 Rudesheim Assmannshausen und Umgebung. Large fold out with 10 photo post cards. 3.5×5″ each. c1930. $15.00

W962 Unused Airmail Envelope from Hotel Der Konigshof, Munich. c1950s. $15.00

W1317 Post Card. “Gruss aus Lindau, i.b.”. (Germany). B&W. Shows buildings & river. Used, no stamp 1905. $12.50

W1033 “The North View of Gibraltar, from the Isthmus towards Spain”. 4.25×7″. Cut out from very old magazine or book. Pre 1900. $20.00

W349 So This Is London. A superb booklet! 40 pages + cvrs. 7.5×10″. 69 exquisite photographs. 14 are full page, the remainder are half page. Map, captions. c1920s. $75.00

W786 Hotel Gwalia (London). Menu. July 11 1919. 3.5×6″. Triangular shaped. Hand written. $25.00

W1176 Envelope from the Westminister Palace Hotel, Victoria Street, London. Writing on front has a name and the date Aug. 3 1883. 3×5.5″. $20.00

W1485 “In London with The Chef & Brewer”. Map opens to 16×21″. One side has a map of London with the locations of The Chef & Brewer Restaurants marked. The other side has a map of the Underground, as well as descriptions of all of the Restaurant Locations. c1948. $20.00

W336 Gloucester, Malvern, Hereford and the Wye Valley. 9×12″. 10 photos, map, text. c1930s. $20.00

W351 Britain Will Charm You. (Pan Am) 8 pages. 8×8.5″. 13 photos, map, text. 2 photos inside the Pan Am Clipper airplane. 1951. $20.00

W353 Through the Trossachs. 24 pages. 5.5×9″. 14 photos. Text. Tour schedules & prices. Map. 1925. $20.00

W892 Programme for “That Doctor Cupid”. From a London Theatre- (not named). 4 pages. 5×8″. Not dated, c1890. Old ads. $20.00

W1177 Envelope from Royal Hotel Blackfriars, London. 3.25×5.5″. c1910. $17.50

W1184 “Macvittie Tea Room”. 4pg card from UK Tea room. 4×5.5″. The fact that “His Majesty” has been crossed out and replaced by “Her Majesty” suggests date of c1953. $17.50

W1188 Great Britain & Ireland: 1933. Calendar of events with information for Visitors. Issued by Cunard Line. 48 pages + cvrs. 3×5″. $17.50

W1326 Welcome to Britain. Opens to 5×16″. Information for travellers, British currency. Summer, 1951. $17.50

W1503 4pg folder for the Royal Festival Hall in London. Photo of hall on cover. Panaroma photo inside shows the view from the Restaurant. Several traveler autographs. 1956 $17.50

W1504 Set of 5 color photographs of views at Nansidwell in Cornwall, England. Each measures 4.75×6″. c1950. $17.50

W342 Sulgrave Manor: (England) The Home of George Washington’s Ancestors. 9×18″. 5 photos, text, map. c1930s. $17.50

W366 Les Ports Angles et Londres. 12 pages. 6×9″. Schedules, fares, information London-Paris. French text. 1965. $17.50

W368 Green Line Coach Routes. (London Transport) 11.5×16.5″. Route maps. Sept 1954. $17.50

W376 Inns of Old England. 17×21.5″. Listing, map, text. 3 photos. 1936. $17.50

W769 Welcome to Britain. 5×12″. Advises about tax relief on purchases and registration with police. Other very basic information. 1956. $17.50

W1097 Small ticket for Second Class on London Transport. 2d fare paid. c1930. $15.00

W958 Sheet of unused writing paper from Mayfair Hotel, London. c1950s. $15.00

W959 Unused Envelope from Mayfair Hotel, London. c1950s. $15.00

W960 Unused Envelope from The Normandie Hotel, London. c1950s. $15.00

W1510 Unused Color post card of Westminster Abbey. (West Front). c1910. $12.50

W1498 Unused post card of the Rock Park Hotel, Llandrindod Wells, Wales. Actual B&W photo. c1950. $10.00

W1499 Unused post card of the Patterdale Hotel, Ullswater – in the English Lake District. Actual B&W photo. c1950. $10.00

W1500 Unused post card showing “Relieving Sentries”, the Argyle and Sutherland Highlands, Scotland. Valentine’s brand card. c1930s. $10.00

W1501 Unused post card showing the House of Lords Chamber in London. c1950. $10.00

M92 Hotel Grande-Bretagne, Athens Greece. Menu card dated March 17 1959. 4×7.25″. Tape marks on corners. $17.50

W179 List of Hotels in Holland. 1938. 16 pages + cvrs. 8×8″. Prices. $17.50

W180 What Do You Know About Holland? 9×16″ brochure. All sorts of facts. 8 photos. c1930s. $17.50

W1067 Small guest identification card for Hotel De La Couronne, Breda, Holland. 2.5×3.5″. c1960s. $15.00

W403 Magyar Operahaz. 16 pages. 8×11″. In Hungarian. Ads. 1963. $17.50

W1148 Cork, Ireland. 9×16″ brochure. Describes the Irish Industrial & Agricultural Fair- 1932. Text, 9 photos. Upper right corner of cover panel torn. $17.50

W1153 Eccles Hotel, Glengarriff, County Cork. 4pg fldr. 6×8″. Map, photo, tariff. c1930. $17.50

W1157 Small writing card from Imperial Hotel, Cork. 3.5×4.5″. Written on. Removed from a scrapbook, some scrapbook paper stuck on back. c1930. $15.00

W1134 Post card. Homes on country road in village. [Ireland] Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper is stuck on back. c1930. $10.00

W1135 Post card. “Muckross Abbey, Killarney.” Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper is stuck on back. c1930. $10.00

W1136 Post card. “Meeting of the Waters, Killarney.” Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper is stuck on back. c1930. $10.00

W1137 Post card. “Killarney Lakes.” Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper is stuck on back. c1930. $10.00

W1138 Post card. “Bank of Ireland, Dublin.” Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper is stuck on back. c1930. Damage to upper right corner. $10.00

W1139 Post card. “Carrying Turf, Connemara.” [Ireland] Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper is stuck on back. c1930. $10.00

W1140 Post card. “Connemara, Coleen.” [Ireland- Woman in costume] Removed from a scrapbook, so there is some scrapbook paper is stuck on back. c1930. $10.00

W867 FLORENCE: The City of Flowers. Wonders of Italy; Medici Series. 148 pages + cvrs. 7×9.5″. Contains history, comprehensive text. 741 photographs (!!!) of buildings, architecture, art work. Complete index. 1930. An absolute GEM! $125.00

W1533 “Rome 1907″. Superb 32pg bklet + cvrs. 6×8”. Issued for the World’s Sunday School Convention. Booklet is loaded with 27 photographs, including one of the White Star Liner ROMANIC the liner that carried the delegates from Boston. Text, captions, photos of group leaders. A 4pg insert advises about a Carriage Ride & Banquet in Boston before the cruise. $60.00

W1494 Large fold open Map of Italy for Cook’s Italian Tours. Also shows routes for Austrian Lloyd steamers, P&O and Ruballino steamship, Itaslian Railways, Roman Railways, South Italian Railways. 17.5×22.5″. Splits at seams. c1910. $25.00

W435 Musical Life in Italy. 36 pages + cvrs. 5.5×8″. 24 photos. Text. Lists events of Florence Musical May 1935. $25.00

W439 Italy. Old brochure. 3.5×13.5″. 5 photos. French text. c1915. $20.00

W1066 Dinner Menu from Hotel Bauer-Grünwald Venice. Sept 21 1964. 4pg fldr. 4×6.5″. $17.50

W1290 Italy. (Cunard Cruises) 12 pages. 5×7.25″. General information, map, hotels. c1960s. $17.50

W1332 Fattorie Serrostiri Gestione Vinicola- Firenze. Menu card. 4.5×6.75″. c1950. (Venice, Italy). $17.50

W427 How to See Genoa. (Thos Cook) 8 pages. 5×7.25″. 3 photos, text, map, itineraries, prices. 1928. $17.50

W432 Venice Lido Map. 14×18″. Points of interest marked. Photo. 1969. $17.50

W437 Cit Florence. 4pg fldr. 5×7″. 4 photos. Itineraries, prices. 1933. $17.50

W1065 Dining Room Identification card for Hotel Bauer-Grünwald Venice. Name of guest & room number typed on. 1964. 2.75×4″. $15.00

W1185 Card from “Ambrosiana” in Florence , Italy. Italian text. (Library, Museum). Hours, map. c1950s. $15.00

W1310 “Firenze, Souvenir.” A very long strip with 18 full color post card sized photos of Florence, Italy opens from a smaller packet. Captions on each in several languages. c1960s. $15.00

W1311 “Milano.” A very long strip with 18 full color post card sized photos of Milan, Italy opens from a smaller packet. Captions on each in several languages. c1960s. A few of the cards had become stuck together on the strip so there is minor separation damage on a few. $15.00

W1060 Cruise to the Midnight Sun. 9.5×12″. (Norway). 8 photos, text. c1951. $17.50

W967 Bergen Guide- 1967. 32pg bklet. 8×8.25″. Sightseeing, museums, historic buildings, shopping, entertainment, hotels, restaurants, etc.. Many maps & ads. $17.50

W1293 Lisbon. (Cunard Cruises) 12 pages. 5×7.25″. General information, map, hotels. c1960s. $17.50

W1507 Lisboa (Lisbon) Portugal. 24pg bklet. 8.5×9.75″. Comprehensive guide to the city: maps, list of Hotels, Restaurants, Theatres, museums, events, transport, etc. Numerous ads. Issued 1960. $17.50

W1294 Post card of the Kremlin, Moscow. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W501 Spain. (French Line) 16 pages. 8×9″. 23 nice photographs. Text. Map. Issued 1931 $22.00

W1291 Majorca. (Cunard Cruises) 8 pages. 5×7.25″. General information, map, hotels. c1960s. $17.50

W491 “What’s Doing in Madrid”. Sept 24-30 1956. 12 pages. 4.25×6″. Events, ads. $17.50

W494 Avila, Spain. 9.25×12″. 13 photos, text. c1930s. $17.50

W464 Stockholm & Sweden 1937. 68 pages + cvrs. 5×8″. 47 photos, some are of ships. Texts. Several maps. $25.00

W459 Principal Sights in Stockholm. 4 pages. 6×9″. 22 photos. Brief text about each. c1930s. $20.00

W467 Sweden: 16 pages. 7.5×8.25″. 42 photos. Text. Issued 1931. $20.00

W1199 “Skanes Turisttrafikforening”. 8pg bklet. 4.5×9.5″. Tourist information booklet for Southern area of Sweden, including Malmo. Lists different tours. Map. 1937. $17.50

W1481 Bag with string pull from Holm & Hallgren Jewlery Store in Stockholm. 6×9.5″. 1930s. $17.50

W463 How to See Stockholm. 4 pages. 5×7.25″. Itineraries, prices. c1930s. $17.50

W470 Welcome to Sweden. 5.5×9″ brochure with photos of coins, exchange rates. Information. 1952. $17.50

W1012 Numbered receipt stub for piece of baggage for transfer to Central Railway Station in Goteborg. 3×3″. c1950. $15.00

W1191 Baggage sticker for Hotel Eggers, Goteborg, Sweden. 3×3.5″. c1930s. Impression of a different sticker on the gummed back. $15.00

W992 Receipt from Lloyd Reiseburo in Zurich for passage on US Lines from Bordeaux-NY. Dated Sept 11 1939. Obviously the passenger was evacuating Europe at the start of WW2. $40.00

W1202 TICINO, Switzerland. Nice brochure opens to 17×25.5″. Colorful relief map of the area, 17 photographs. French text. c1930s. $20.00

W523 On the Lakeshore Near Lucerne. 12 pages. 4.5×8″. 14 photos. Text. c1930. $20.00

W1505 Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland. Nice brochure opens to 8.5×17.5″. 14 photos, nice color map, superb color covers. Text in several languages. c1950. $17.50

W515 Introduction to Central Switzerland. 12 pages. 4.5×8″. Text about region. c1930. $17.50

W526 Lucerne. 8.25×19″. Itinerary of excursion to “Glacier Garden”. 4 photos. Text in 3 languages. c1930. $17.50

W533 Meyer’s Diorama Lucerne. 8.25×12.5″. Discusses views of 5 peaks nearby. 3 illustrations. 1929. $17.50

W534 Sachs-Bohm-Schweiz. (Switzerland) Strip of 10 post cards flips open from folder. 5.5×35″. Each contains a nice photo. In German. c1930. $17.50

W535 Voyages En Suisse Et En Italie. 7×9″. Map of Alps area, 2 photos. c1930. $17.50

W541 Palace Hotel: Lucerne. Identification folder. Map of city, photo of hotel, 2 other photos. Lists important sights. 8.5×11″. c1950. $17.50

W542 Palace Hotel: Lucerne. Folder shows that the “Town tax” has been paid. 4.5×9.5″. Map, major attractions. 1950. $17.50

W1000 Baggage sticker for Hotel Rigi, Brunnen Switzerland. 3.5×5″. Illustration of the hotel. c1950. $15.00

W544 Business card folder from E. Licht-Mayer & Co.; Jewelers, Lucerne. Map pinpoints location. 3×4.5″. c1950. $15.00

W545 Business card folder from HUG Pharmacy, Lucerne. Map pinpoints location. 3×4.25″. c1950. $15.00

W1002 Color post card shows Brunnen, Switzerland. Large lake & Mountains. c1950. $10.00

W1190 Old post card for “Lac Leman”. Card was posted in 1902. Shows sailboat on the Lake. Writing on face of the card. Old Swiss 10 Franc stamp attached. $10.00

M75 Royal Hotel & Winter Garden Gstaad Switzerland. Dinner menu dated 11 January, no year listed, but art deco style suggests c1920s. Menu from this Gstaad Switzerland Hotel restaurant. 4.6.5″. Had been previously folded. $17.50

WOST02 MOSCOW. Superb 144pg hard bound book. 9×13″. Contains 119 superb color photographs. Captions in Russian, English, French, German & Spanish. Dust jacket worn, rest of book is Excellent condition. A very rare and suberb book! Issued 1967. $50.00

ARCH12 3 sheets from “L’Illustration” Aug 1897. Plan, exterior photo & 7 nice interior photos from Pieterhof Palace in Russia. In French. Edges frayed. 11×15.75″. $25.00

W407 Only in Winter. (USSR) 15.5×18″. 20 photos, text about winter cultural events. c1960s. $17.50

W409 Soviet Union: 4 Unusual Tours 1968-69. 12×18″. Itineraries, prices. 12 photos. $17.50

W114 Economy Tours to Europe. (Cunard White Star) 1935. 8×9″. 22 photos. Itineraries, min fares. Exterior photo of AQUITANIA, deck photo. $25.00

W62 Armstrong Tours. Itineraries for 2 European tours. 15×17.5″. Summer 1939. Just prior to WW2. $25.00

W107 Student Tours 1932. (College Travel Club) 48 pages. 4×8.5″. 18 travel photos, 8 deck photos from ships. Itineraries, min fares, Europe & Caribbean tours. $22.00

W1072 “Italy & France”. 32pg bklet. 4×7″. Sightseeing tours & port information specially prepared for American President Lines Passengers. 9 photos, map, text. Hotels, shopping, restaurants. Issued 1951. $20.00

W74 Europe 1950. 36 pages. 7.5×9″. 35 photographs. Many itineraries, info, sailings. $20.00

W82 Europe. (Thos Cook) 1936. 32 pages. 8.5×11″. 19 photos. many itineraries. $20.00

W100 Escorted Tours of Europe. (Thos Cook) 1949. 1 photo. Many itineraries, minimum costs. 9×16″. $17.50

W106 Europe Thrift Tours 1936. (Anchor & French Line) 8 pages. 8×9″. 5 photos. Itineraries, info, fares. $17.50

W108 College Travel Club. Prices slashed 1932. 24 pages. 4×8.25″. 12 photos. Itineraries, min fares. (Europe) $17.50

W110 Transatlantic Tours (Europe) 1932. 24 pages + cvrs. 4×9.25″. Itineraries, min fares, sketches. $17.50

W1124 European Tours for the Individual Traveler. (Gillespie, Kinports & Beard). 48 pages + cvrs. 4×9″. Many itineraries. 1930s. $17.50

W1170 Cartan’s 1953 Viking Grand Circle Tour. Opens to 12×18″. 10 photos, map, itinerary. Was to be in London for Coronation festivities. Using ships Venus & Britannic. Small piece torn away. $17.50

W123 Good Will Tours (Europe). (Heckerman) 1936. 15×22″. 11 photos. Itineraries. Photo of COLUMBUS. $17.50

W124 Halen & Warren “Guildet” to Europe. 1933. 20 pages + cvrs. 4×9″. “Hotels, restaurants, Antique Shops, Rag Markets & Irrelevancies”. $17.50

W1277 “Europe Bound”. A Handbook of Travel issued by Olson’s Travel service. 28 pages + cvrs. 4×7.25″. Loaded with general information, such as recommended tipping on Ocean Liners. 1950s. $17.50

W1318 “What’s Going on in Europe in 1923″. 4 pg fldr. 6×8”. Lists events in many European countries. Issued by United States Lines. $17.50

W1334 Interior Decoration Travel Course- 1930. Temple Tours – Europe. 8 pages. 6×9″. 3 photos. $17.50

W1335 For Travelers- Facts Worth Knowing. 4pg brochure touts Temple Tours. 6×9″. 1929. (Europe) $17.50

W138 Transatlantic Tours (Europe) 1931. (Stratford Travel) 48 pages + cvrs. 6×9″. Itineraries, fares, sketches. $17.50

W142 Helpful travel Books. 20pg bklet describes books. Prices. c1930s. (Europe) $17.50

W150 Notice to Bearers of US Passports Feb 1 1937. 68 pages. 3.5×6.25″. Complete information. (Europe) $17.50

W479 Scandinavian Economy Tours 1969. 16 pages + cvrs. 4×9″. 15 photos, map, text. prices. $17.50

W480 Scandinavia in Spring. 9×16″. 4 photos. Text. 1956. $17.50

W63 Armstrong Tours (Europe). Ideal tour 1938. 16×22″. Itinerary, 9 photos, map, info. $17.50

W65 Collegiate Tours (Europe) 1928 via Canadian Pacific. 17.25×32″. Many itineraries, sailings, info. $17.50

W68 College Travel Club. (Europe) 32 pages. 4×9.25″. Many itineraries. 1930. $17.50

W77 Festivals (Europe) 1968. (Cunard Line) 40 pages + cvrs. 7×9.5″. 31 photos. Music, theatre, dance. $17.50

W859 Europe and the Mediterranean: 3 Wonderful Tours. (College Travel Club) 9×12″. Itineraries, 2 photos. Prices. Illustration of Liner: Statendam. c1920s. $17.50

W94 Passports & Visas for Travel from US & Canada to Europe. (Transatlantic Passenger Conference) April 19 1937. 32 pages. 4×9″. Complete information. $17.50

W98 Popular Tours (Europe). (Thos Cook) 12.5×21″. Several itineraries. 1932. $17.50

W99 Summer Courses Abroad 1933. (North German Lloyd) 40 pages + cvrs. 3.5×6.25″. (Europe) $17.50

W1007 Itinerary especially prepared for passenger on a European Tour to Italy, France, Switzerland, England. Aug 10 1959. 6 typed pages stapled into folder. Detailed. $15.00

W1063 Baggage tag used for “Golden Arrow” train service London-Paris. 3×5.5″. c1960s. $15.00

W1286 Itinerary especially prepared for passenger on a “Fenwick” European Tour to France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, England. May 25-Aug 9 1960. Sailing on RMS Queen Elizabeth. 3 typed pages stapled together. Detailed. $15.00

W97 “So You’re Going Abroad?” 4pg fldr lists books written by Clara Laughlan. 4.5×6.25″. c1930s. (Europe) $15.00

W44 Visit Israel. 9×16″ brochure. Tour itineraries. 6 photos. c1950s. $17.50

W661 Know Canada. 124pg magazine + cvrs. 8.5×11.25″. Contains 273 photos! Chapters on many cities & towns. Ads. c1965. $30.00

W1554 “Adventure along the Trans-Canada Highway”. Superb 32pg bklet + cvrs. 7×10″. Test. 45 nice color photos. Several maps. c1950s. $20.00

W1557 Across Canada. Brochure issued by Canadian National Railways. Opens to 22×33.5″. One side has a large map, the other has text and 33 color photographs. Minor split at seams. Issued 1961. $20.00

W1558 New Brunswick Canada. Superb 46pg bklet plus covers. 8×10″. Contaions text and 95 photographs. It appears the last page is missing. c1950s. $20.00

W1573 New Brunswick, Canada. 48pg bklet + cvrs. 8×10.25″. Text, 85 nice photographs. c1950s. $20.00

W1579 “Inviataion of Canada”. Superb 48pg bklet + cvrs. 8.5×10.5″. Text, 101 nice color photographs. All Provinces. c1960. $20.00

W1595 Nova Scotia. Superb 64pg bklet + cvrs. 7.5×10.25″. Text, 33 color photographs– most are full page. Map. c1950s. $20.00

W1597 Le Provence de Quebec. Superb 72pg bklet + cvrs. 6×9″. French & English Text, maps, 78 nice photographs. c1950s.. Additional sketches. $20.00

W1600 Shrines of Quebec. Nice 24pg bklet. 8×10.5″. Text in English & French. 41 photographs. Maps. Issued 1954. $20.00

W1604 La Province de Quebec. 16pg bklet. 8×1`0.25″. English & French text, 46 nice photos. Map. c1950s. $20.00

W1605 Quebec – La Doulce province. Nice 20pg bklet. 10×13.5″. Text, 72 nice photos. c1950s. $20.00

W1667 OTTAWA – Canada’s National Capitol. 80 page booklet + covers. 5.5×9.25″. 1961-62. Loaded with photos and information on places to visit, many ads of area businesses. $20.00

W1669 QUEBEC CITY. “How to See”. Opens to 18×26.5″. Map, description of points of interest. 17 photos. c1930. $20.00

M03 MANOIR RICHELIEU. 8.5×11″ menu card for Luncheon. Famous hotel in Quebec Canada. Nice scenic photo on back. 1962. $17.50

M226 The Fort Garry, Winnipeg Canada. 4 page folder menu. 6×9″. Canadian National Railways. Had been previously folded. c1930s. $17.50

W1276 Brochure issued by J.S. Laing & Co., Toronto. Importers of Dawes Cordials & Liqueurs. Opens to 5×16″. Several drink recipies, list of products, text. c1930s. $17.50

W1331 The Gloucester Lounge. Cold Buffet Menu. 4pg fldr. 4×7.25″. c1950s. Prices in cents. Believe to be from Canada. $17.50

W1445 Ontario’s Niagara Parks. Brochure opens to 9×20″. Text, map, 20 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1541 Highway Map of Canada and Northern United States. Issued by Canadian Govt travel Bureau. 1961 edition. Opens to 24×37.5″. Printed on both sides. $17.50

W1542 Map of Eastern Canada. Issued by Texaco. Opens to 23×32″., Printed both sides. c1950s. $17.50

W1543 Main Automobile Routes between United States and Canada – Eastern Sheet. Issued by Canadian Govt Travel Bureau. Opens to 21×37″. Printed both sides. Issued 1951. $17.50

W1544 Highway Map of Canada and United States – Western Sheet. Issued by Canadian Govt Travel Bureau. Opens to 21×37″. Printed both sides. Issued 1953. $17.50

W1547 Nova Scotia Highway map. Opens to 20.5×31″. Printed on b oth sides. issued 1954. $17.50

W1548 Canada Border Crossing information. 12pg bklet. 4×8″. All information for entering Canada. Issued 1961. $17.50

W1549 Camp Grounds and trailer Parks in Canadian National Parks 1953″ 12 pages. 6×9:. 2 photos. $17.50

W1550 The Trans-Canada Highway”. 9×24″ brochure. Describes to route in each Province. Non detailed map. c1950s. $17.50

W1551 National Parks of Canada. Brochure opens to 17×18. Description of each, map. 9 photographs. Issued 1961. $17.50

W1552 “National Parks of Canada – Maritime Provinces”. 12pg bklet. 8.25×11″. Descriptions, maps. 5 photos, additional sketches. Issued 1952. $17.50

W1553 “What to See from Sea to Sea in Canada”. Brochure opens to 8×32″. Text. 36 color photos. c1950s. $17.50

W1559 Where to Stay in new Brunswick Canada. 80pg bklet + cvrs. 4.25×7.25″. c1950s. $17.50

W1560 Magnetic Hill Inn, New Brunswick Canada. 9×12″ brochure. Text, 6 photos. c1950s. $17.50

W1563 Martello Tower, Sant John, New Brunswick. 8.5×11.5″ brochure. Text, map, photo. c1960s. $17.50

W1565 New Brunswick Museum. 9×13.25″ brochure. Text, map, 9 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1568 Moncton Guide (New Brunswick) July 1972. 16 pages + cvrs. 6×9″. Events, map, things to see, photos, ads from local merchants. $17.50

W1569 Moncton Guide (New Brunswick) August 1972. 16 pages + cvrs. 6×9″. Events, map, things to see, photos, ads from local merchants. $17.50

W1574 Calendar of Events in Canada – Lists events in all Provinces. 24 pages + cvrs. 9×12″. 1961. $17.50

W1575 How to Enter Canada. 16pg bklet. 4×8″. All information for entering Canada. Issued 1953 $17.50

W1576 Tourist Map of Ottawa. Opens to 22×31″. A few photos. c1960. $17.50

W1577 Ottawa – Canada’s National Capital. Brochure opens to 10×20″. Text, 30 photos. c1960. $17.50

W1583 Ottawa. Brochure opens to 17.25×19″. Map, 11 photos. text, sketches. c1960. $17.50

W1584 “Welcome to Central Nova Scotia”. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Map, text, 15 photos. c1960. $17.50

W1585 “The Halifax Citidel”. 12pg bklet. 6.5×9.5″. Text, 6 photos. 1969. $17.50

W1586 Springhill Miners’ Museum, Springhill, Nova Scotia. 4pg fldr. 4×8.5″. Text, photos. 1972. $17.50

W1587 World’s Highest tides, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. 8.25×13.5″. Text, 2 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1589 Saint Mary’s Basilica, Halifax. 8.5×12″ brochure. Text, 3 sketches. List of Bishops, Rectors. 1972. $17.50

W1590 Truro’s Famous Tidal Bore. (Nova Scotia) 8.25×11″ brochure. Tidal times. Text. 1972. $17.50

W1593 Interpretation program, Cape Breton National Park, Nova Scotia. 9×17.5″ brochure. text, map. English & French. c1972. $17.50

W1594 The Army Museum, Halifax Nova Scotia. 12pg bklet. 7×10″. Text, 14 sketches. Issued 1965. $17.50

W1598 Canada in Wintertime. 9.5×18″ brochure. Text, 10 photographs. c1950s. $17.50

W1601 St. Joseph’s Oratory, Montreal. Brochure opens to 13×14″. Text, map, 16 photos. c1950s. $17.50

W1603 Quebec – Fishermans Paradise. 4pg fldr. 8×10″. English & French text, map, photos of types of fish. c1950s. $17.50

W1606 Handicrafts of Quebec. 4pg fldr. 8.25×10″. Text, photo of handicrafts. c1950s. $17.50

W1668 ONTARIO Official Road Map. Issued 1961. Opens to 25×41″. $17.50

W1670 PICTORIAL NIAGARA. Map & Guide opens to 17×24″. 2 photos. 1958. $17.50

W1671 CANADA’S EASTERN ONTARIO Vacation Map. Opens to 18.5×23.5″. Information, map. 22 photos. Ads. c1960. $17.50

W1672 ONTARIO HYDRO. Brochure opens to 16×17″. Map, text and 10 photos describe the Electric generating station. c1960. $17.50

W1673 THE NEW YORK CAFE, Brockville Ontario. Small card measures 2.75×4.5″. Photo of the interior of the cafe. The rear lists distances from Brockville. Small pitting at left edge. c1920s. $17.50

W1674 HOW TO ENTER CANADA. 16 page booklet. 4.5×7.25″. Information. Issued 1941. $17.50

W1675 GASPE TOURS. (Canada) 1947. Brochure opens to 9×12″. 5 photos. $17.50

W1676 TORONTO – Guide to Shops & Services. 20 page booklet. Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Shopping, Transportation, Churches, etc. c1960. $17.50

W1677 ONTARIO’S NIAGARA PARKS. 36 page booklet + covers. Text, information, 32 photographs. c1960. $17.50

W1678 NOVA SCOTIA. Official Highway Map. Opens to 20×31.5″. c1945. $17.50

W1679 ROGER BERUBE Gift Shop Gaspe, Quebec. 3×6″ card. Text on one side, map of “Gaspesie” on back. c1960. $17.50

W1680 NOVA SCOTIA – Where to Stay. 1965 booklet. 72 pages + covers. 4×9″. Lists hundreds of Hotels & Motels with information and prices. $17.50

W1681 BON ACCUEIL Hotel & Motel, Gaspe Quebec. Brochure opens to 9×12″. 5 photos. Text, map, mileage chart. c1957 $17.50

W1682 LA COTE SURPRISE Motel, Perce, Quebec. 4 page folder. 4×9″. Text, shetches. c1960. $17.50

W1683 LA VENDEE MOTEL, Gaspesie, Quebec. Brochure opens to 9×12″. Contains text, map, 3 photos. c1960. $17.50

W1684 AUBERGE DU GOLFE, Gaspesie, Quebec. 4 page folder. 4×9″. Text, photo. c1960.. $17.50

W1685 SEA GULL MOTEL Perce, Quebec. 4 page folder. 4×9″. Text, map, 2 photos. c1960. $17.50

W1686 AUBERGE DU FAUBOURG, Quebec. Brochure opens to 9×14″. Text, 9 photos, map. c1960. $17.50

W1699 ST LOUIS INN Riviere, Quebec. Brochure opens to 9×16″. 8 photos, text, map. 1960s. $17.50

W645 Ottawa. Tourist Guide. 48 pages + cvrs. 4×9″. 54 color photos. Information, sightseeing. c1960s. $17.50

W648 British Columbia. 1970-71 Road Map. 18×36″. 10 photos, fishing guide. $17.50

W649 British Columbia. 1966-67 Road Map. 20×40″. 10 photos, fishing guide. $17.50

W650 Beautiful British Columbia. 24 pages. 8×9″. 82 color photos. Text, map, information. c1960s. $17.50

W653 Vancouver Island. Visitors Guide 1969. 64 pages. 4×9″. Maps, photos, ads, etc.. $17.50

W654 Vancouver / Vancouver Island / Victoria Visitors Guide. 64 pages. 4×9″. Maps, photos, ads, etc… c1970. $17.50

W655 Victoria, Vancouver Island & The Gulf Islands. 16 pages. 8×9″. 32 color photos. Text, map. 1966. $17.50

W656 “Coach It Along the Inside Passage”. (Canada) 9×12″. 6 photos. Schedules. 1966. $17.50

W1561 Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick Canada. 4pg fldr. 4.5×6″. Text, photo. c1950s. $15.00

W1588 The Fort Cumberland Hotel, Amherst, Nova Scotia. 4×9″ card woith rates, photo, map. c1960s. $15.00

W1602 Press Realease from The Canadian Army. 8×13″. Describes the changing of the Guard at Parliament. 1961. $15.00

W1143 Post card. “Collingswood, Nova Scotia” c1950s. $10.00

W1313 Post card of Arrowhead Camps & Motel, Nestor Falls Ontario. c1960s. In color. $10.00

M247 Hotel Mercure Room Service Menu. 4 page menu. Measures 6×9″. $17.50

W1058 American Airlines trips to Mexico. 9×16″. 5 photos. Itineraries, fares. Issued 1952. $20.00

W1114 Membership List. Thos. Cook Escorted Tour to Mexico. Feb 24 1958. $17.50

W1607 Campground Directory – United States and Western Canada. 168pg book + cvrs. 5.5×9.25″. Issued by AAA. Issued 1959. $20.00

W51 Griffith, Australia. 8.5×10.5″ brochure. 6 photos, text, map. c1970. $17.50

W56 Guide to Rotorua & Surroundings. 7.25×11″. Map, text. c1920. $17.50

W57 New Zealand- Northland. 24 pages + cvrs. 3.5×8.5″. 26 photos, text, map. c1960s. $17.50

W58 Northland (New Zealand) Visitors Guide. 48 pages + cvrs. 3.5×8.5″. 7 photos. Text, info, map, hotels, ads. c1970. $17.50

W614 Buenos Aires. Color Post Card of “Lago de Palermo”. Unused. 3.5×5.5″. c1920s. $10.00

W616 Buenos Aires. Color Post Card of “Fuente de Lola Mora”. Unused. 3.5×5.5″. c1920s. $10.00

W617 Gran Chaco: Argentina. Color Post Card of “Familia Toba”. Unused. 3.5×5.5″. c1920s. $10.00

W619 Rio de Janeiro. (Stern Jewelers) Map & Guide. 14×21″. 15 photos. Text. c1970. $17.50

W912 Ashore in Sao Paulo & Santos. (Moore McCormack Lines) 4pg fldr. 4×6.5″. Lists shopping places, hotels, restaurants, night clubs. 1961. $17.50

W1192 Numbered ticket for Expresso Maua, Rapid Transport of Rio de Janeiro. 3.5×5.25″. c1930s. $15.00

W625 Montevideo. Color post card of “Plaza Independencia y Avenida 18 de Julio”. Unused. c1915. $10.00

W626 Montevideo. Color post card of “Plaza Constitution”. Unused. c1915. $10.00

W965 Welcome Guide to Caracas. 8 pages. Lots of general information. 5.5×8.5″. 1973. $17.50

W1364 Bellingrath Gardens- Mobile, Alabama. “A Gift to Posterity”. Brochure opens to 9×12″. Text, 6 photographs. c1950s. $17.50

W1365 Bellingrath Gardens and Home- Mobile, Alabama. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Text, map, 10 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1366 Bellingrath Gardens- Mobile, Alabama. Brochure opens to 18×24″. Text, map, 20 color photographs. Splits at seams were repaired. c1960s. $17.50

W1387 The Treasure House- Near Bellingrath Gardens- Theodore, Alabama. Brochure opens to 9×11″. text, map, 5 photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1439 Gray Line sightseeing brochure. City of Mobile, Alabama & Bellingrath Gardens. Brochure opens to 8.5×11″. Text, prices, 4 photos. c1940s. $17.50

W718 Tongass National Forest: Alaska. Map. 18×35″. 10 photos. Text, facts, hunting, fishing, etc. Issued 1967. $17.50

M286 Salt River Project Arizona Canyon Lake. Two nice items. An area map and a more detailed local map. 1979. $17.50

W1358 Petrified Forest National Park – Arizona. 9.5×32″ brochure. Text, map, 7 photographs. 1963. $17.50

W1391 Grand Canyon National Park- Arizona. 16pg bklet. 8×9.5″. text, maps, 5 photographs. 1961. $17.50

W1460 Tuzigoot National Monument & Trail- Arinona. 12pg bklet + cvrs. 6×9″. Text, map, 7 photographs. 1963. $17.50

W1466 Tuzigoot National Monument- Arinona. Brochure opens to 8.5×18″. Text, map, 4 photographs. 1963. $17.50

W1619 Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Tucson, Arizona. Brochure opens to 14.5×18″. 11 photographs, maps, text. c1960s. $17.50

W1628 Old Tucson Movioe Studios. Brochure opens to 9×12″. Text. c1960s. $17.50

W1252 Hot Springs National Park. (Arkansas) 16 page bklet, 6×9″. Complete text & information. 7 photos. Map. Issued 1951. $17.50

W1463 Lake Dardanelle Recreation Area- Arkansas. 48 page booklet 5.5×8.5″. Tons of information. About 70 color photographs. Text, maps. 1973. $17.50

W905 Letter from J.T. Butler, Clerk of City of San Diego to Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco requesting copy of menu for Banquet given for Ambassador Jusserand. Letter dated June 10 1909. Official letterhead with color photo of San Diego & Bay. 8.5×10.5″. Gem! $40.00

W903 Menu for the 128th Anniversary of the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis, by the descendants OF Revolutionary Sires. At San Diego, Oct 19 1909. 4.5×7.5″ card. $25.00

ARCH17 2 sheets from California Architect May 1891. Drawing & plans for residence, Calif & Webster St., San Francisco. 8.5×13″. $20.00

W845 Daily Weather Map. (US Dept of Agriculture, Weather Bureau) 11×16″. US Weather Map, Local report for San Francisco area, Observations at major cities, California cities. Nov 16 1917. $20.00

ARCH02 Single sheet from “California Architect” Nov, 1891. Plans & drawing of Johnson Residence, Sonoma County. 9×12.5″. Edges frayed. $17.50

ARCH16 Single sheet from California Architect July 1891. Drawing & plans for Fritz residence, Asbury Hts, San Francisco. 8.5×13″. Edges frayed. $17.50

M05 Vista Del Mar Fishermans Wharf San Francisco. Menu measures 7×9.5″. Menu for group on Chicago Northwestern & Union Pacific RR Tours. c1950s. $17.50

W1416 Historic La Purisima – Lompoc, California. Brochure opens to 8.5×12.5″. Text, map, information, sketches. c1960s. $17.50

W1420 Knott’s Berry Farm- California. 8.5×11″ brochure. AMap, 12 color photographs. 1969. $17.50

W1611 Disneyland Guide. Summer 1971. 32 pg bklet. 4×6″. 9 photos. Many maps. Information about attractions. Text. $17.50

W1642 Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park. Brochure opens to 8.5×14″. 3 photos, text, map. c1960s. $17.50

W1648 Universal Studios, California. Nice vintage brochure opens to 9×15″. 16 nice color photos. Text, schedule, admission. 1968. $17.50

W913 San Francisco. (Orient Line) 7.5×34″. History, description of Museums, Places of Interest, beaches, golf, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, shopping, more. 2 nice city maps. 1958. $17.50

W914 Los Angeles. (P&O Line) 12 pages. 6×8.25″. History, description of Museums, Places of Interest, restaurants, more. 2 nice city maps. 1968. $17.50

W1030 Post card. Harbor Excursion boat- San Diego, California. Used, 1970. $10.00

W1194 Color post card shows woman in a rowboat at Westlake Park, Los Angeles, California. Used, 1914. $10.00

W1295 Post card of the Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco. View of Alioto’s. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1297 Post card of St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1298 Post card of Lombard Street, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1299 Post card of Telegraph Hill & Coit Tower, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1300 Post card of Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1301 Post card of The Conservatory, Golden Gtate Park, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1302 Post card of The Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1303 Post card of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1304 Post card of City Hall & Civic Center, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1306 Post card of Grant Avenue, Chinatown, San Francisco. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1307 Post card of San Francisco at Night. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1308 Post card of Gateway to Muir Woods. In color. c1960s. $10.00

W1324 Post card of the Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco. View of Tarantino’s. In color. 1964. $10.00

W1210 Where to stay on your colorful Colorado vacation. 16 pg bklet issued by the AAA . 4.25×5.5″. Lists hotels & “Motor Courts” with prices. c1950. $17.50

W1211 Hotels in Colorado. Brochure opens to 13×16″. List with prices. Map. c1950. $17.50

W1214 Colorado Highway Map. Opens to 22×34″. Contains 2 maps: a road map and a relief map. Text, mileage chart, 10 photos. Issued 1951. $17.50

W1385 Florence, Colorado. Brochure opens to 11×17.5″. Text, map, 11 photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1398 Seven Falls & South Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs. Brochure opens to 9×15″. Text, map, 8 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1403 The Apple Shed – Cedaredge, Colorado. 4.25×9″ card. Text, map, color photo. c1970s. $15.00

W1328 Connecticut River Ferries., Information brochure opens to 8.5×11″. Text describes trip. Map, 3 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W682 Travelling the Lower Connecticut River. 1614-1960. History. 9×11.25″. 2 photos. $17.50

W1608 Georgetown Garden Tour, Washington DC. Brochure olpens to 6.25×13″. Map, list of exhibitors, ads from local businesses. April 17 1964. $17.50

W1618 Washington Cathedral. Washington DC. Brochure opens to 9×19″. Text, map, 2 pl;ans of the cathedral. c1960s. $17.50

W1296 Souvenir post card booklet from Washington, DC. Issued by Gray Line tours. Contains 20 color post cards, along with a smaller photo of each that would stay in the booklet to keep. Unused, c1960s. 3.5×8.25″. $15.00

W1260 Delaware. Brochure opens to 9.5×16″. Illustrations of State Flag, tree, flower, bird & insignia. Photo of delaware State House, and music score to “Our Delaware” the state song. Text, 1950s. $17.50

W1423 Delaware. Brochure opens to 9×20″. Information, facts, state song lyrics, photo. 1974. $17.50

W1261 Delaware Fact Sheet. Opens to 9.25×12″. All sorts of facts & information. 1950s. $15.00

W1356 Washington, DC. Brochure opens to 10.5×17″. Text, 11 color photographs. c1970. $17.50

W1112 Ticket stub from Pennsylvania RR Tours to Washington, DC. Marsters Vacation Tours. c1930. $15.00

W1615 Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. St. Augustine, Florida. 4×9″ broichure. Text, 3 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1616 Musical Museum. St. Augustine, Florida. 4pg Folder. 4×9″. 5 photographs. Text. c1960s. $17.50

W1620 Zorayda Castle. St. Augustine, Florida. Brochure opens to 9×12″. Text, 5 photos, map. c1960s. $17.50

W1623 Cross and sword. St. Augustina, Florida. Outdoor drama show. 4pg fldr. 4×9″. 4 photo, text, admission prices. c1960s. $17.50

W1626 The Fountain of Youth. St. Augustine, Florida. 4pg fldr. 4×9″. Text, 5 photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1627 Tarpon Springs, Florida. Brochure opens to 11×17″. Text, 12 photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1636 Tampa, Florida. Brochure opens to 9×16″. 15 color photos, map, text. c1960s. $17.50

W1643 Potter’s Hall of fame. St. Augustine, Florida. 4pg fldr. 4×9″. 19 photos, map. List of all the figures in the museum. c1960s. $17.50

W1644 Clearwater and Clearwater Beach, Florida. 4×9″ brochure. 11 color photos. Text. c1960s. $17.50

W1022 Color post card. “Sailing Aloing the Florida Coast”. Shows several sailboats. Used, 1958. $10.00

W1026 Color post card. “Fishing Boats at Pier 5 Downtown Miami, Florida”. Used, 1963. $10.00

W1287 Nice color post card of “Neptune’s Daughters”, Cypress Gardens, Florida. Used, 1949. $10.00

W1316 Color post card. “Scene of the Sponge Exchange, Tarpon Springs, Florida”. c1930s. $10.00

W1222 Georgia. “More thrills, more fun, more rest await you in Georgia”. 8 page booklet shaped like the state of Georgia. 6.5×8″. Text and 29 photos show the tourist attractions. c1950. $20.00

W1651 “Through the Little White House”. Warm Springs, Georgia. 16pg bklet + cvrs. 5×8.25″. 11 photos, several maps. Plan of the house. text. c1950s. $20.00

W1221 Georgia. 8 page booklet shaped like the state of Georgia. 6.5×8″. Text about Georgias history, state flag, flower, tree and bird. Facts and figures, state government. c1950. $17.50

W1223 Georgia. “Boundless Relics of a Glorious Past”. 8 page booklet shaped like the state of Georgia. 6.5×8″. Text and 11 color photos show the historical sights. $17.50

W1363 Pirate’s House- Savannah, Georgia. Brochure opens to 8.5×11″. Text, map, information. 2 drawings. c1960s. $17.50

W1377 Callaway Gardens- Pine Mountain, Georgia. Brochure opens to 12×18″. Text, map, 27 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1090 “Hawaiian Lullaby” Music song sheet. Has music score & words. 8×11″. 4 pages. c1940s. $20.00

W1091 “Honolulu Moon” Music song shhet. Has music score & words. 9×12″. 6 pages. c1940s. $20.00

W840 Hawaiian Kennel Club. Premium List. April 22 1956. 9×18″. Award categories, rules, information. $17.50

W842 The Hawaiian Kennel Club. Spring show 1957. 96 pages + cvrs. 6×9″. Text, information, winners, ads. $17.50

W1163 Small baggage tag in shape of Island of Hawaii. Paste mark stuck to back. c1930s. $15.00

W733 Ricefields in Hawaii. (Matson-Oceanic Line) Unused color post card. 3.5×5.5″. c1920s. $10.00

W910 Auditorium Hotel: Chicago. Dinner of Chicago Association of Commerce given in Honor of Hon William Howard Taft and Hon William Jennings Bryan, Candidates for President. Oct 7 1908. 28 pages. 7.5×9.25″. Loosely bound. List of members, etc. A Gem! $95.00

W1220 “Scenic and Historic Illinois”. Brochure opens to 22×34″. One side is a large colorful map of the state with color illustrations on it showing the main points of interest. Shows the Lincoln National Memorial Highway. The other side has text, information, a list of state parks and memorials. Message from Gov. Stratton. Illustration of Abraham Lincoln on cover panel. 1953. $17.50

W1401 The Home of Abraham Lincoln – Illinois. Brochure opens to 9×12″. Text, 7 photographs. c1955. $17.50

W1409 Amana Colonies, Iowa Guide Map. Brochure opens to 8.5×10.5″. Text, map. c1960s. $17.50

W1410 Holiday Inn. Amana Colonies, Iowa. Brochure opens to 12×17″. Text, map, 18 color photographs. c1970s. $17.50

W1381 “Come to Kansas”. Brochure opens to 16×18″. Text, map, several color drawings. c1960s. $17.50

W1382 “Camp a Night or Two in Kansas”. Brochure opens to 18×20″. Large map, text, information. c1960s. $17.50

W1412 Kansas Facts. Loaded with all sorts of information. Issued by Elwill M. Shanahan, Secretary of State. 4 pages. 8.5×14″. 2 color photos, sketches. c1972. $17.50

W1413 “Take A Look at Kansas”. Brochure opens to 18×20″. Text, map, sketches. c1970. $17.50

W1430 Dodge City, Kansas. “Boot Hill and Historic Front Street. 8.5×11”. brochure. Text, 6 photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1448 Kansas 1973 Official Highway Map. Opens to 23×29″. City maps too. 3 color photos. $17.50

W1454 Brief History of Kansas. 8pg bklet. 5.5×8.5″. Text. c1960s. $17.50

W1455 “Be Aware of Good Nutrition” 20×25″ illustrated poster of the 4 basic food groups. Issued by the Kansas Wheat Commission. Had been previously folded. c1960s. $17.50

W1431 Boot Hill (Kansas) Stage Line souvenir ticket stub for ride around town. 2.5×4.5″. Numbered. c1960s. $15.00

W1346 Kentucky Dam Village State Park, Gilbertsville. Brochure opens to 9×11″. Text, map, 12 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1348 “Join the Nation in a Kentucky Vacation”. Brochure opens to 18×24″. Text, map, 41 color photographs. c1970. $17.50

W1368 Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. Brochure opens to 9×20″. 7 color photos from the Cave, 6 color photos from the Lodge. Text, map. Hotel rates chart. c1960s. $17.50

W1378 “The Legend of Daniel Boone”. Presented at Old Fort Harrod State Park- Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Brochure opens to 8.5×11″. Map, text, photo, ticket information & prices. c1960s. $17.50

M208 Restaurant Antoine New Orleans Booklet. Souvenir of Restaurant Antoine. Roy l Alciatore, proprietor. Nice 20 page booklet. 5×6.5″. Many interesting facts & text about the famous restaurant in new Orleans. Photos of the early founders. List of distinguished guests: President FD Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Marechal Foch, Cecil B DeMille + hundreds more! Issued c1940. $20.00

W1263 Louisiana. 40 page booklet + covers. 5.25×7.5″. 33 photos, additional sketches. Texts. 1950s. $20.00

W983 Menu from “Restaurant Antoine”, New Orleans. c1950s. (Main courses were $3-$5). 4pg fldr. 9×11.5″. Cover celebrates the Centinneal of the famous restaurant 1840-1940. $20.00

W1264 “Louisiana Traveler”. April 1953 edition. 4 pages. 10.5×14″. 8 photos, text. $17.50

W1265 Louisiana. 4 page folder. 4.5×6.25″. Illustrations of State Seal, flag, bird & flower. Text. Photo of State Capitol. 1950s. $17.50

W1639 Rosedown Plantation and Gardens. St. Francisville, Louiisiana. Brochure opens to 9×23″. 12 volor photos, text, map. Hours, admission prices. c1960s. $17.50

W1646 Oaklawn Manor, Franklin, Louisiana. 4pg fldr. 4×9″. 3 photos, text. c1960s. $17.50

W1647 Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans. Brochure opens to 9×16″. 8 photos and illustrations. Text, map. c1960s. $17.50

W1175 Souvenir numbered card from restaurant Antoine in New Orleans for order of Oysters Rockefeller the specialty. The back is a post card that can be mailed. c1940. $10.00

W1329 The Old Port Museum, Portland Maine. 9.25×12″ information brochure. c1960s. $17.50

W1032 Color post card. “A Maine Fisherman’s Shack”. (“Winkies”, at Cape Porpoise.) c1950s. $10.00

W1340 “Visit Fort McHenry – Frigate Constellation”. Color borochure opens to 8.5×11″. Map, 2 photos. c1970. $17.50

W1341 Maryland. Brochure opens to 11×18″. Loaded with information: climate, economy, regions, history, etc. c1970. $17.50

W1342 North Bend State Park – Maryland. Brochure opens to 12×18″. Text, 12 photographs- including several from the Lodge. c1960s. $17.50

W1360 “The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton”. Emmitsburg, Maryland. 9×12″ brochure. Text, map, 5 photos. c1975. $17.50

W1374 First Maryland State House- St. Marys County. Brochure opens to 9×10.5″. Text, 4 photos. c1970. $17.50

W1375 Official Maryland Symbols. (Flower, seal, fish, dog, bird, song, etc..) 9×12″ brochure. Text, 6 color photos. Dates in History. c1970. $17.50

W1442 “Four Seasons in Maryland”. Brochure opens to 9×31.5″. Lists all events for 1974. $17.50

W1472 Maryland. 44 pg bklet. 8.25×9.25″. Text, maps, 50 color photographs. c1973. $17.50

W1512 HOTEL NORTHAMPTON & WIGGINS OLD TAVERN, Northampton, Massachusetts. Superb 32pg booklet + cvrs. 5×5.5″. 26 nice photographs, most are full page. Text, captions. Attractive covers. Issued c1920s. $40.00

W1511 CAPE COD. Nice 32pg booklet + cvrs. 3.5×6″. Contains 32 full page illustrations. Captions. Issued 1926. $30.00

M316 TOWNE LYNN HOUSE RESTAURANT, Lynnfield, Mass. “On Beautiful Suntaug Lake”. 4pg menu. 8.25×13″. Of interest, the menu mentions “Massachusetts Old Age Tax of 5%”. c1930s. $22.00

ARCH08 2 sheets from Architectural review c1900. Several plans for Copley Hotel, Boston. Exterior photo, 6 elegant interior photos. Text. 10×14″. Slight fraying. $20.00

W1446 What to See in Provencetown, Mass. Issued by Bonnie Doone Restaurant. Lists attractions. Map. Opens to 6.25×12″. c1960s. $17.50

W683 Raymond Whitcomb: New Location in Boston. 4 pages. 11×17″. Illustration of the building, locator map, text. 1929 tours. $17.50

W1018 Color post card. “End of the Day at Motif No. 1, Rockport, Mass.”. c1940. $10.00

W1020 Post card. “High Tide at Motif No. 1, Rockport, Mass.”. Used, 1948. $10.00

W1288 Colorful post card “Taconia Trail Tourist Shop”. (Connects Williamstown, Mass and Troy, NY). Old cars seen. c1920s. $10.00

W1247 The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, Michigan. 4 page brochure, 4×9.25″. Text, illustrations. 1950s. $17.50

W1428 Minnesota 1973 official Highway Map. Opens to 26×30″. Many city maps too. 16 color photographs. $17.50

W1462 “Minnestoa Minnetours”. Brochure opens to 25×30″. Large map. Complete list of sights. c1960s. $17.50

W1268 Vicksburg National Military Park. (Mississippi) Nice 64 page booklet + covers. 6×9″. 46 photos & drawings, maps. Text. Issued 1954. $20.00

W1266 Historical Mississippi. Brochure opens to 16×18″. Large map on one side with 66 attractions labeled. Text and history on the other. 1950s. $17.50

W1269 “Cattle Kings in the Prairies”. By Paul Wallace Gates. From Mississippi Valley Historical Review. 34 pages + cvrs. 6.5×10″. 1948. $17.50

W1630 Dunleith. Natchez, Mississippi. Brochure opens to 9×12″. 7 color photos, map, text. c1960s. $17.50

W1638 Melrose. Natchez, Mississippi. Brochure opens to 9×12″. 6 photos, text, map. c1960s. $17.50

W1219 “Missouri Travelogue”. Colorful brochure opens to 21×34″. 39 photographs. Large road map, text. c1950. $20.00

M141 River Room, Hilton Inn, Kansas City. Dinner menu. Several inserts. 4 page folder. 10×12.5″. $17.50

W1216 Onondaga Cave, Leasburg, Missouri. On route 66. Brochure opens to 8.25×14.5″. 9 photos, map, text. c1950. $17.50

W1218 Missouri information brochure. Opens to 11×17″. Contains information on State Flag, bird and flower. Message from Gov. Forrest Smith, history, climate, agriculture, etc. 4 photos. Statistics. Photo of State Capitol on cover panel. c1949. $17.50

W1464 Memorable Missouri. Brochure opens to 11×22″. Text, history, state symbols, etc. 10 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1411 Virginia City, Montana. Brochure opens to 8×9″. Text, map, 3 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1475 Montana- Official 1973 Travel Guide. 24pg bklet. 9×12″. Text, maps, 50 color photographs. Slight damage to cover. $17.50

W1479 Montana- Lot of 3 items. Color post card of an Indian, “All About Montana” information folder, 4 page typed prehistory. c1960s. $10.00

M313 Menu from Belleview Queen Ship at Belleview Nebraska. Made to look like an old newspaper from 1874. 4 pages. 11.5×17″. Photo of the steamer. Menu itself not dated. c1970s. $17.50

W1361 Guide to Nevada State Parks. 12×18″ brochure. Text, map, 27 photographs. Insert of rates. c1960s. $17.50

W1369 Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. 8.5×11″ brochure. Map, information. c1960s. $17.50

W1371 Lincoln County Sate Parks, Nevada. Brochure opens to 9×12″. Text, map, 5 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1393 Lahontan State Recreation Area, Nevada. 8.5×11″ brochure. Map, information, photo. c1960s. $17.50

W1395 Berlin- Ichthyosaur State park- Nevada. 8.5×14″ brochure. Text, Map, sketch. c1960s. $17.50

W1631 Tyrolian Village. Nevada. At shores of Lake Tahoe. 4pg fldr. 4×9″. Text, map, 4 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1633 Ski Incline. Nevada. Brochure opens to 16×17″. 16 color photos. Text. c1960s. $17.50

W1515 THE MOFFATT-LADD HOUSE and Garden, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Nice 24pg bklet. 6×8″. 5 photos, comprehensive text. Plan of grounds. c1938. $20.00

W1516 A Visit to The Aldrich House, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 16pg bklet + cvrs. 6×9″. Text, 5 photos. Issued 1938. $20.00

W1029 Color post card. “The Kiboko, operating between Portsmouth & Star Island, New Hampshire”. Used, 1959. $10.00

W1653 Sea Isle, New Jersey. 16pg bklet. 5.5×8.5″. 8 photographs. Additional drawings of birds, crustations & plants. Text. c1953. $35.00

W1443 New Jersey State Forests. 16pg bklet. 4×8.5″. Text, map, 14 photographs. Issued 1938. $20.00

W1226 New Mexico Information of interest to Tourists. 12pg bklet. 5.25×8.25″. All sorts of information: climate, forrests, highways, ski areas, monuments, etc. 5 photos. Calendar of 1954 events. $17.50

W1228 “New Mexico Camping areas”. 5 sheets, each 8.5×11″. Issued by the New Mexico State park commission. Information, listing of the Camping areas, features and fees. c1951. $17.50

W1229 New Mexico: Tourist information. 4 pg folder. 7.5×10″. All sorts of information including main sights. List of events Nov 1951-April 1952. $17.50

W1230 “Cattle, Corn and Cotton – Story of new Mexico Agriculture”. 4 pg fldr. 8.5×11″. 3 photos. c1951. $17.50

W1248 Carlsbad Caverns National Park. (New Mexico) Brochure opens to 8.5×24″. Complete text & information. 3 photographs. Map. Issued 1955. $17.50

W1357 White Sands National Monument – New Mexico. 9.5×24″ brochure. Text, map, 2 photos. 1964. $17.50

W1224 New Mexico “Land of Enchantment” decal. A welcome by Gov. Mechem printed on the back. 3.5×4″. c1951. $15.00

ARCH09 Single sheet from American Architect & Building News Apr 2 1893. Plans of first 4 floors of Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NY. 8.25×13″. $35.00

ARCH04 2 sheets from “Carpentry & Building” Jan 1880. Plan of Osborne Apartments, NY. Text, drawings of fire proof construction. 8×12.5″. Edges frayed. $20.00

B59 HANSJAEGER, INC. 9.5×12.5″. Nov 26 1938 menu. “The Metropolis’ Largest…” Wine list on back. No city mentioned, but we are told the restaurant was in Manhattan, New York. $20.00

W1453 “This is New York State”. Nice 64pg booklet + cvrs. 5.5×8.5″. Text, maps, 44 photographs. History, geographsy, Governmant. Cities, etc. Chapter on the World trade Center under construction. 1967. $20.00

W1640 Corning Glass Center, New York. Brochure opens to 11×17″. 13 photos, text, map. Additional photos of items in the Museum collection. c1950s. $20.00

W1660 Immortal Niagara – Official Guidebook. 56pg bklet + cvrs/ 5.5×8.5″. 32 photographs. text, ads. Maps. Additional sketches. 1950. $20.00

W664 New York State. Large Rail Map. 28.25×31.5″. Eastern part of state from Eastern Border to 76° longitude. (Oswego area). 1945. $20.00

W666 1000 Islands New York. Souvenir set. Opens to 6×35″. 29 color photos. Captions. c1930s. $20.00

W1235 “Historic Johnstown” (New York). Brochure opens to 9×16.5″. Text, a few photos. Description of historic sights. 1950s. $17.50

W1389 New York State Thruway. Brochure opens to 8×24″. Text, maps, many sketches. c1957. $17.50

W1432 New York. 4 page folder. 4.5×6″. Facts, Lists Nelson Rockefeller as Governor. c1970. $17.50

W1444 New York State Governmant Fact Sheet. 4 sheets. 8.5×11″. List Government and all Governors from 1777. Issued 1973. $17.50

W1457 Map showing Cities & Villages of over 10,000 Population in 1970 (In New York State). 8.5×11″. $17.50

W1687 MAGIC FOREST, Lake George, NY. 4 page folder. 4×9″. Text, 6 photographs. c1960. $17.50

W1688 LAKE GEORGE NY. Brochure opens to 9.25×16″. Contains 4 differerent maps. Photo. c1960. $17.50

W1690 FRONTIER TOWN, Adirondack Mountains, NY. Brochure opens to 14×16″. 8 photos, text, map, sketches. c1960s. $17.50

W1691 FORT WILLIAM HENRY, Lake George NY. Brochure opens to 9×12″. 6 photos, text. c1960. $17.50

W1692 LAKE GEORGE NY: Points of Interest within a Days Drive. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Text of 42 suggestions, map. c1960. $17.50

W1693 SARATOGA RACEWAY, NY. 4×9″ folder. Text, illustration, map. 1965. $17.50

W1694 SKATELAND / PUTT-R-GOLF Lake George NY. 4×9.25″ card describes both attractions, one on each side. c1960. $17.50

W1695 NEW YORK ROAD MAP. Issued by Sunoco. Opens to 18×31″. Issued 1956. $17.50

W667 New York City. 8×9″ photo of the NY Skyline issued by Tide Water Oil Company. Their building is marked. c1930s. $17.50

W675 Visitors Guide to New York. 16.25×28″ map of Manhattan, 24 photos, attractions in all boroughs of New York City. Issued 1957. $17.50

W681 New York in Fall. 1970 calendar of events. 9×26″. Cultural, sports, etc. Sightseeing, conventions. $17.50

W791 Check written on “Corn Exchange Bank; Harlem, NY”. 1921. 3×6.5″. $17.50

W933 Ticket for Maritime Association Annual Dinner at The Hotel Astor, NY. Feb 5 1923. 3×4″. $15.00

M315 Thanksgiving menu from Central Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nov 25 1909. Menu not marked with hotel name, but has the managers name of A.N. Perkins printed on, which matches the name on several other menus we obtained from this hotel in the same time period. 4 pages + cvrs. Piece of edge torn off, no content, only white paper. $20.00

W1449 Biltmore House and Gardens- Ashville, North Carolina. 4pg fldr. 6×8″. Information, sketch. c1960s. $17.50

W1450 Pigeon River Gorge- Noth Carolina. 4pg fldr. 5.5×8.5″. Text, photo. c1968. $17.50

W1614 Biltmore House and Gardens. Ashville, North Carolina. Brochure opens to 9×12″. Exterior photo, 4 inteior photos. Text. c1960s. $17.50

W1400 Coos, County- Oregon. “The Closest Thing to heaven”. Brochure opens to 8.5×11″. Sketch, map, information. c1960s. $17.50

W1404 Pittock Mansion – Portland, Oregon. 3.5×8.5″ sheet. Text, map, 2 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1427 Official Oregon Highway Map. 1973. Opens to 24×35″. Many city maps too. 9 color photographs. $17.50

W1468 Route of the Oregon Trail. 16pg bklet. 8×9″. Text, maps, illustrations. c1960s. $17.50

W1469 Oregon Capitol Guide- Salem, Oregon. 16pg bklet. 8×9″. Text about Capitol, History, Government, etc. 17 photographs. c1972. $17.50

W1470 Oregon- Cool, Green Vacationland. Nice 32pg bklet. 8×10.5″. Text, maps, about 80 color photographs. Photo of Governor Tom McCall. c1969. $17.50

W712 Clatsop County Oregon. 11×16.5″. Map, 5 photos, information. c1960s. $17.50

W1240 “There’s More in Pennsylvania”. Nice 32 page tourist booklet. 8.5×11.5″. Text and 75 nice photographs. Color and B&W. Large map. Message from Gov. Pine. c1951. $20.00

W1253 Gettysburg National Memorial Park. (Pennsylvania) Nice 56 page booklet + covers. 6×9″. 48 photos, map. Text. Issued 1952. $20.00

W1254 Independence National Historical Park. (Pennsylvania) Nice 72 page booklet + covers. 6×9″. 67 photos & drawings, map. Text. Issued 1954. $20.00

W1496 Envelope from the Kittatinny Hotel, Delaware Water Gap, PA. Small illustration of the Hotel in upper right. 1907. $20.00

W1236 “Pennsylvania’s Religious Tradition”. Brochure opens to 8×11″. Describes the Amish and other religions. Issued 1951. $17.50

W1237 “Historic Sights of Old Philadelphia”. Brochure opens to 8×17″. 4 photos and illuistrations, map, text. Lists 29 sights. c1951. $17.50

W1238 “All in Pennsylvania”. Brochure opens to 11×17″. Statistics and list of main sights. Numerous small drawings. c1951. $17.50

W1239 “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”. 4 page brochure. 6×9″. Pictures of state flag, seal, flower, tree and bird. Text. 1950s. $17.50

W1255 “Little Known Facts about The Amish and the Mennonites”. By Ammon Monroe Aurland, Jr. 32 page booklet + cvrs. 6×8.5″. 14 photos. Additional illustrations. 1939. $17.50

W1256 “Little Known Facts about Bundling in the New World”. (Courting in Bed) By Ammon Monroe Aurland, Jr. 32 page booklet + cvrs. 6×8.5″. 6 drawings. Issued by the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society, 1938. $17.50

W1351 Pennsylvania. Official Highway map 1966. Opens to 25.5×40″. 21 color photographs. $17.50

W1352 Quakertown – In Bucks County – Pennsylvania. Brochure opens to 17×21.5″. Maps, lots of information, ads from local merchants. 7 photographs. 1992. $17.50

W1373 Pennsylvania 1965 Official Highway map. Opens to 23.5×36″. Many city maps too. A few color photos. $17.50

W1629 Penn Alps, Pennsylvania. Brochure opens to 8.5×11″. Text, map, 8 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1661 The Battle of Gettysburg. (W.C. Storrick). 80 pg book + cvrs. 5.5×8″. Text, maps, 31 photos. 1953. $17.50

W1696 PENNSYLVANIA ROAD MAP. Issued by Texaco. Opens to 18×34.5″. Issued 1971. $17.50

W1233 Pennsylvania. Color post card of “Virginia State Memorial”, Gettysburg. Unused, c1950s. $10.00

W684 Newport, Rhode Island: For Sport & Rest. 10.5×24″. 19 photos, text. 1920s. $20.00

W1372 Newport Mansions, Rhode Island. 9×12″ brochure. Text, 9 color photographs. 1973. $17.50

W1388 “Juvenile Jaunts in Rhode Island”. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Lists attractions of interest to Younger Visitors. Photo. c1960s. $17.50

W1421 Rhode Island Historic Houses & Museums. 12pg bklet. 4×9″. Text, 15 photographs. c1970. $17.50

W1451 Industriual Tours in Rhode Island. 4pg fldr. 4×6″. Comprehensive listing with descriptions. c1960s. $17.50

W1458 Biography of Roger Williams. Providence, Rhode Island. 4pg fldr. 5.5×8.5″. Text, c1960s. $17.50

W1659 Gateway to Historic Charleston. Sept. 1976. 36pg bklet. 6×9″. Lists all events. Text, ads. $17.50

W1474 South Dakota. 36pg bklet. 8.5×11″. Text, maps, 116 color photographs! Slight damage to rear cover. c1960s. $20.00

W1347 National Museum of Woodcarving. Custer, South Dakota. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Text, map, 17 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1396 Map of South Dakota’s Black Hills and Badlands. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Map, information. 1966. $17.50

W1418 Mount Rushmore National Memorial- South Dakota. Brochure opens to 9×24″. Text, maps, 6 photographs. 1965. $17.50

W1406 Gatlinburg, Tennessee Directory. 24pg bklet + cvrs. 4×9″. Lists many accommodations, restaurants, attractions, etc. Map, 3 photos. 1968. $17.50

W1408 Christus Gardens- Gatlinburg, Tenn. 9.25×12″ brochure. Text, map, 7 color photographs. “Great Moments in the Life of Christ”. 1969. $17.50

W1440 “Sail Tennessee’s Lost Sea”. Glass Bottom Boat Tours. Brochure opens to 9×12″. Text, map, 7 color photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1649 Ruby Falls, Inside Lookout Mountain Caves, Chatanooga, Tennessee. Brochure opens to 9×12″. 8 color photos, text, map. c1960s. $17.50

W1259 San Jose Mission, National Historical Site, San Antonio Texas. 4×9″ information brochure. Photo & description. c1950. $17.50

W942 Travelers Hotel, Brownsville Texas. Baggage tag in the shape of the state of Texas pasted onto backing paper. Edges frayed. Approx 3.5×4.5″. c1950s. $15.00

B55 HOTEL UTAH, Salt Lake City. 7×12″ menu. No date, c 1912. Nice engraving of the hotel on top. $20.00

W1617 Temple Square. Salt Lake City. 24pg bklet + cvrs. 4×8.5″. 16 color photos. text. c1960s. $17.50

W1513 VERMONT Visitors Handbook to Lodging & Eating Places. 1953. 96 pages + cvrs. 4.5×7.5″. $20.00

W1519 “The Beautiful Caverns of Luray”. (Luray, Virginia) Nice 24pg bklet. 5.25×7.75″. 8 full page photos. Text, captions, map. Music score for song “Old Virginia”. Insert of How Nature Makes a Cave. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1934. $22.00

W1522 “The Beautiful Caverns of Luray”. (Luray, Virginia) 12pg bklet. 8×9″. Large map, 10 photos. Text, captions. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1932. $20.00

W1525 “Shenandoah Caverns of Virginia”. 16 pages. 8×9″. Contains 18 photographs, some in color. Text, captions, map. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1930s. $20.00

W1527 “Endless Caverns”. (New Market, Virginia) 12 pages. 15 photos. Text, captions, map. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1930s. $20.00

W1343 “Historic Winchester & Frederick County Virginia – The Apple Capital”. Color brochure opens to 9×16″. Text, map, 8 photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1386 Shenvalee Lodge- New Market, Virginia. (Shenandoah Valley). Brochure opens to 8.5×11″. Text, map, 15 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1433 The Mariners Museum- Newport News, Virginia. 9×12″ brochure. Text, map, 11 photos. c1960s. $17.50

W1435 Yorktown Battlefield- Virginia. Brochure opens to 11.5×16″. Text, map, 5 photos. 1975. $17.50

W1436 Jamestown, Virginia. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Text, map, 5 color photographs. Additional sketches. c1968. $17.50

W1437 Jamestown Festival Park- Virginia. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Text, map, 11 color photographs. 1968. $17.50

W1438 Red Hill Shrine- Charlotte County, Virginia. Patrick Henry’s Birthplace. Brochure opens to 9×16″. Text, map, 5 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1465 Monticello – The Home of Thomas Jefferson. (Virginia) Guidebook. 24pg bklet + cvrs. 6×9″. 29 color photographs. Text, floor plan, sketches. c1960s. $17.50

W1520 “The Beautiful Caverns of Luray”. (Luray, Virginia) 9×16″ brochure. Large map, 7 photos. Text, captions. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1937. $17.50

W1521 “The Beautiful Caverns of Luray”. (Luray, Virginia) 9×16″ brochure. Large map, 7 photos. Text, captions. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1932. $17.50

W1523 “Shenandoah Caverns of Virginia”. 16×17″ brochure. Contains 28 photographs. Text, captions, map. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1930s. $17.50

W1526 “Endless Caverns”. (New Market, Virginia) 9×12″ brochure. Large map, 3 photos. Berief text. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1930s. $17.50

W1530 “Grand Caverns”. (Grottoes, Virginia) 16×17″ brochure.. 7 photos. Text, captions, large map. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1930s. $17.50

W1531 “Virginia Caverns”. (Harrisonburg, Virginia) 9×16″ brochure. 6 photos. Text, captions, map. Holes were punched on the left edge of the item as a former collector must have kept this in a binder. 1930s. $17.50

W1624 Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. Brochure opens to 9×16″. 11 photographs, map, text. c1960s. $17.50

W1625 Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. 12pg bklet. 8×9.25″. 4 photos, several maps, text. Issued 1960s. $17.50

W1632 Carter’s Grove Plantation. Williamsburg, Virginia. Brochure opens to 9×16″. 8 nice color photographs. Text, map. c1960s. $17.50

W1635 Williamsburg, Virginia. “Two Mighty Outdoor Dramas”. Brochure opens to 9×12″. 5 photos, text, ticket information. c1960s. $17.50

W1645 Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown Virginia. Road map issued by Esso. Opens to 13.5×24″. 8 photos, text. c1960s. $17.50

W1652 Souvenir of the Jamestrown Festival, 1957. 16pg bklet + cvrs. 5×8″. Text and many sketches detail the history. $17.50

W1655 Jamestown, Virginia. Brochure opens to 8.5×24″. Text, map, 5 photos. 1961. $17.50

W1656 Colonial Williamsburg. “Conspicuous Plant Material in the Governor’s Palace Gardens”. June 21-July 4 1964.8.5×11″ sheet. Lists all the plant material. Plan of the Governor’s Palace and The Palace Gardens. $17.50

W1405 Carlyle House- Alexandria, Virginia. 4×9″ card. Text, map. c1975. $15.00

W715 4×9.5″ card lists “Important Events 1492-1938”. Printed by Star Printing: Spokane. Lists important World Events by year. $15.00

W1262 “West Virginia’s State Capitol, Charleston”. Brochure opens to 7.5×21″. Facts about the Capitol, directory of state offices, Governors mansion. Map. 3 photos. Message from Gov. McFarland. 1950s. $17.50

W1384 West Virginia “Let Yourself Go”. Brochure opens to 17×19″. Text, map, 14 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W1654 Harpers Ferry National Monument. West Virginia. Brochure opens to 8.5×24″. Text, map, 5 photos. 1963. $17.50

W1241 “Little Norway”. Nissedahle, Wisconsin. 4 page brochure. 4×9″. Text, 7 photos, map. (A museum of Norse antques in a Norwegian Pioneer Homestead). 1950s. $17.50

W1242 “Schiller’s William Tell Presented by the Swiss of New Glarus, Wisconsin”. Brochure opens to 12×16″. Describes this Swiss community in Wisc. This drama was presented annually. 10 photos. Issued 1958. $17.50

W1355 Wiscon Dells. “Ride the Ducks”. 9×12″ brochure. Map, photo about the boat ride. c1960s. $17.50

W1383 Wisconsin Dells Boat Trips. Brochure opens to 12×18″. Text, map, ticket prices, 16 color photographs. Operated by Olson Boat Company. c1960s. $17.50

W1415 Cave of the Mounds- Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Brochure opens to 8.5×11″. Text, map, 7 color photographs. 1967. $17.50

W1425 Wisconsin Dells. Soma Boat Line tours. 9×12″ brochure. Text, fares, map, 4 color photographs. c1960s. $17.50

W691 Wisconsin Dells. Boat Tours. 12×18″. 15 color photos. Text, map, fares. 1966. $17.50

W1414 Wyoming Official 1973 Highway map. Opens to 18×35″. 14 color photographs. $17.50

W1429 Wyoming Facts. 8.5×11″. 4 photos. c1973. $17.50

WOST05 TWA Oversized Folio advertising Paciofic and Around The World Services. TWA Route Map, summer schedules effective Aug 1 1969. Also contains 4 nice color prints of TWA destinations. Each color print measures 10×13.5″. Destinations are London, Hong Kong, Hawaii and East Africa. Folio measures a large 10.25×13.75″. $24.99

ARCH06 2 sheets, appear to be cover pages from Scientific American, Architects & Builders edition, Aug 1894. Superb engraved cvr. Many old ads. Edges badly frayed. Cover is SUPERB! $22.00

M235 THE RAYMOND 1903 Washington Birthday Menu. Measures 5×7.5″. $20.00

ARCH05 2 sheets from “Carpentry & Building” c1880. Plan, text & drawing of “A Country Residence”. 8.5×11.5″. $17.50

M244 TAVERN ON THE LAKE Wine List. 4 pages + covers. 6×9″. $17.50

W1349 “The Glorious 50”. 9×20″ brochure. Shows all 50 state flags in color. Text about each. Issued by State Mutual of America. c1960s. $17.50

W1354 “The Cradle of American History – George Washington Country”. Broxhure opens to 18×23″. Covers sioghts in Washington, DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia. Text, maps, 12 color photographs. c1969. $17.50

W1407 Old West Trail Adventure Map. Covers several Midwestern and Rocky Mountain States. 10.5×17″ brochure. Text, map, 7 color photographs. 1968. $17.50

W1419 Highway 101 Map and recommended Hotels & Motels- Washington, Oregon & Northern California. 8×27″. Photo of Nimrod Motel on cover panel. 1970. $17.50

W1698 HOLIDAY INN Passport Guide. Sept 1966 edition. 120 pages + covers. 4×9″. Lists all the Holiday Inns in the USA with decriptions, map and rates. $17.50

W1700 EASTERN UNITED STATES ROAD MAP. Issued by Sunoco / DX. 18×27″. Issued 1973. $17.50

W1701 EASTERN UNITED STATES ROAD MAP. Issued by Sunoco / DX. 18×27″. Issued 1972. $17.50

W690 Boston – Florida Route map. “The Best Route”. Mileage chart. 4×20.5″. c1940s. $17.50

W1010 Letter from Automobile Club of Southern California to passenger about Airline Tickets and steamship Passage. April 15 1953. $15.00

W1011 Form of Customs Declaration. US Post office tag to be tied to parcel. c1930s. 3.25×6.5″. $15.00

W1274 Receipt to Passenger from Olson travel Organization. 1959. Deposit for a voyage on the Queen Mary. 5.5×6.5″. $15.00

W989 2 loose playing cards. “TWA” on back, along with drawing of two Airplanes. c1960s. $15.00

WOST04 “Portfolio of one hundred superb photographs”. Views from all parts of the world. Issued by Farm & Fireside Library, Nov 1892. 64 pages + cvrs. 10.75×13.5″. Many of the photos are full page. Among photos: Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame Cathedral, Royal Theatre Berlin, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Acropolis, St. Basils, Temple of the Sun Syria, Yellowstone Park, photos of 30 world leaders including Queen Victoria. Captions. $100.00

W1666 “Cook’s Winter Sunshine Travel Plans 1938-39″. 44 page booklet + covers. 8.5×10.5”. Tra vel itineraries to West Indies, Florida, California, Mexico, Mediterranean and more. Many ship lines, many photos. Pages loose fropm cover. $20.00

ARCH10 Single sheet from “American Architect” Jan 5 1907. Plan of Ansonia Apartments, NY & Apartments at Montivedeo, Uruguay. Text. 8×12.5″. $17.50

W1126 “Your Vacation Abroad- 1939”. 10.5×12.5″ brochure. Vaious itineraries. Barker Travel service. $17.50

W75 “Going Abroad?”. Small 8 pg booklet issued by Western Union. 3×5.25″. Describes Western Unions cable services. Fees. Issued 1930s. $17.50

W751 Around the World on $7.50 A Day. (Allen Tours) 24 pages. 4×8.5″. 10 photos. Itineraries, prices. Issued 1931. $17.50

W773 Mademoisselle’s Travel Tips. 32 pages. 4×5.5″. Information on hotels, health & beauty aids, packing, money & tipping, customs, shopping. Cover frayed. 1958 $17.50

W940 Bachelor Party- Travel for single people- 1972. 32 pages. 8.5×11″. Numerous destinations in the world. 115 photos. Itineraries, fares, etc. Covers loose. $17.50

M218 Le Cafe Royal. Menu card in French. 7×9″. Location unknown. $17.50

W1172 Tour Certificate from Campus Tours (Chicago). No date c1950s. Only refers to Tour C-11A $15.00