Ocean Liner Menus

The following listing contains a very large selection of Ocean Liner Menus. You are encouraged to list alternate choices where possible.

All items are in Very Good Condition, or better, unless otherwise noted.

All items are ORIGINALS! These menus rode the seas along with the passengers.

Most menus have attractive cover illustrations that may be suitable for framing. All menus are full folder type menus except those that are marked “MC”. Those marked with an “MC” are a menu card, rather than a folder type menu. Those menus that contain cover illustrations of a that ship are indicated with a “PI”. Typically, a steamship menu is dated, the name of the ship is printed on as well as the meal: (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner). Some menus also list the class of service. Normally steamship menus contained a vast multi course selection of culinary delights. ¬†All menus are printed in English, some are printed in other languages as well. (French Line menus are printed in English & French, North German Lloyd menus are in English & German…)

It is interesting how menus on the Great Ocean Liners were prepared. Each ship had its own print shop. The beautiful menu covers were custom printed by superb printing facilities on land in advance. These were delivered to the ships with the inside (menu portion) blank. Daily the Chef and/or managing staff of each vessel decided what to serve that day, and the menu was dated and then created on board.

Sometimes special menus were prepared for special occasions and private parties. The menus were generally kept by the passengers as a memento of the voyage.
Items are ordered by Ship Name.

Ocean Liner Menus are a popular collectors item!

AFRICAN ENDEAVOR (Farrell) Menu. 1952. Illustration of African Star on cover. $22.00

AFRICAN ENDEAVOR (Farrell) Menu card. 1952. $17.50

ALEXANDR PUSHKIN (Russian) Menu. 1986. $20.00

AMERICA (United States) Menu. 1950s-60s. $22.00

AMERICA (United States) Menu. 1950s-60s. Menu card. $20.00

ANGELINA LAURO (Lauro) Menu. 1974. $20.00

AORANGI (Canadian Australasian) Menu card. 1939. $22.00

APOLLO (Epirotiki) Menu. No date, c1960s. $17.50

AQUITANIA (Cunard) Menu. 1930s. $30.00

ARGENTINA (Moore McCormack) Menu. 1941. $25.00

ARGENTINA (Moore McCormack) Menu. 1950-53. $20.00

ARIADNE (Hamburg American) Menu. 1959. Inset only, no covers. $15.00

ARISTOTELES (KNSM) Menu card. 1963. $17.50

ASCANIA (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1951. $22.00

ASCANIA (Cunard) Menu. 1930s. $25.00

ATLANTIC (American Export) Menu. 1960 Kosher. $25.00

ATLANTIC (American Export) Menu. 1960-65. $20.00

ATLANTIC (Home) Menu. 1950-54. $20.00

BANGGAI (Nederland) Menu. 1961-62. $20.00

BANGGAI (Nederland) Menu card. 1961-62. $17.50

BERENGARIA (Cunard) Menu. 1930s. $30.00

BERGENSFJORD (Norwegian America) Menu. 1957-60. $20.00

BERLIN (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1927-30 with Music Programme. $30.00

BERLIN (North German Lloyd) Menu card. 1927 with Music Programme. $25.00

BERLIN (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1927-30. $25.00

BERLIN (North German Lloyd) Menu card. 1927. $22.00

BILLITON (Nederland) Menu. 1964-65. $20.00

BILLITON (Nederland) Menu card. 1964-65. $17.50

BRASIL (Moore McCormack) Menu. 1958-60s. $20.00

BRASIL (Moore McCormack) Menu card. 1962. $17.50

BRAZIL (Moore McCormack) Menu. 1941-49. $25.00

BREMEN (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1950s-60s. $20.00

BREMEN (North German Lloyd) Menu card. 1960. $17.50

BREMEN (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1970. $20.00

BREMEN (North German Lloyd) Menu card. 1970. $17.50

BRITANNIC (Cunard) Menu. 1953-56. $20.00

CABO IZARRA (Ybarra) Menu. No date, c1969. $17.50

CALEDONIA (Anchor) Menu card. 1913. Music Programme on back. Paste marks on back. $30.00

CALEDONIA (Anchor) Menu card. 1913. Paste marks on back. $30.00

CALIFORNIA (Anchor) Menu card. 1924. $25.00

CAMERONIA (Anchor) Menu. 1911. With detachable post card containing an exterior photo of the ship. From her Maiden Voyage. $60.00

CANADA (Dominion) Menu card. 1913. $30.00

CANBERRA (P&O) Menu. 1984. $20.00

CANBERRA (P&O) Menu card. 1984. $17.50

CARIBIA (Universal Cruise) Menu. Blank folder, no menu printed inside. c1960s. $17.50

CARINTHIA (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1931-38. $25.00

CARINTHIA (Cunard White Star) Menu Card. 1936. $22.00

CARINTHIA (Cunard) Menu card. 1967. $17.50

CARMANIA (Cunard) Menu. 1960s. $20.00

CARMANIA (Cunard) Menu card. 1960s. $17.50

CARONIA (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1952. $22.00

CARONIA (Cunard) Menu. 1950s-60s. $20.00

CARONIA (Cunard) Menu card. 1950s-60s. $17.50

CARONIA (Cunard) c1960s Blank menu folder, no menu inside. PI on cover. $17.50

CHICHIBU MARU (NYK) Menu. 1933. Very colorful. $35.00

CHILCOTIN (Union Steamship) Menu card (Paper). Not dated. c1951. $17.50

CHIRIQUI (United Fruit) Menu. 1949-51. $20.00

CITY OF BRISBANE (Ellerman) Menu card. 1963 single sheet. $20.00

COLUMBIA (Anchor) Menu Card. 1911. With Music Program. $30.00

COLUMBIA (Anchor) Menu Card. 1920. $25.00

COLUMBUS (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1927-39. $25.00

COLUMBUS (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1933. Letter card with small illustration of ship and shipboard postmark. $30.00

CONSTITUTION (American Export) Menu. 1950s-1960s. $22.00

CONTE DI SAVOIA (Italian) 5.5×8″ folder. 4 page menu or programme type folder with nothing printed inside. Illustration of Italian scene on cover with name of ship embossed on. c1930s. $22.00

DE GRASSE (French) Menu. 1937. $30.00

DE GRASSE (French) Menu. 1948. $25.00

DENMAN (Australian National) Menu card. 1954. $17.50

DEUTSCHLAND (Hamburg American) Menu. 1908 PI. With music program. Spots on cover. $49.95

DEUTSCHLAND (Hamburg American) Menu. 1937. Special 90th Anniversary cover. Illustration of “Deutschland – 1848”. With music program. $45.00

DEUTSCHLAND (Hamburg American) Menu. 1937 with Music Programme $30.00

DEUTSCHLAND (Hamburg American) Menu. 1937 $25.00

DEUTSCHLAND (Hamburg American) Menu card. 1937. $22.00

DONAUPRINZESSIN (River Danube Steamer) Menu. Not dated. c1965. $20.00

DONGEDYK (Holland America) Menu. 1962. $20.00

DORIC (White Star) Menu. 1932. $45.00

DORIC (White Star) Menu card. 1932. $40.00

DOROTHY ALEXANDER (Alaska) Menu. 1937. With wine list. $30.00

DROTTNINGHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1939. $25.00

DROTTNINGHOLM (Swedish American) Menu card. 1947. Removed from a scrapbook, paste marks on back. $22.00

DROTTNINGHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1947. $22.00

EL SALVADOR (Panama Mail) Menu. 1929. $25.00

EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA (Canadian Pacific) Menu. 1953. $20.00

EUROPA (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1930-38. $30.00

EUROPA (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1966. $20.00

EUROPA (North German Lloyd) Menu card. 1966. $17.50

EUROPA (North German Lloyd) Menu with tassel issued to advertise Sunshine Cruises from Port Everglades. Gives an elaborate menu to advertise the “wonderful” selection of food aboard. Illustration of the ship on cover. c1970. $25.00

EUROPA (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1971-73. $20.00

FAIRSEA (Sitmar) Menu. 1972. Large size. $20.00

FAIRSTAR (Sitmar) Menu. 1979-80. $20.00

FAIRWIND (Sitmar) Menu. 1981. $20.00

FALSTRIA (East Asiatic) Menu. 1948. $22.00

FEDERICO C. (Costa) Menu. 1974. $20.00

FINLAND (Panama Pacific) Menu. 1924. $30.00

FLANDRE (French) Menu. 1953. Large size. $30.00

FLANDRE (French) Menu. 1950s-63. $22.00

FLAVIA (Costa) Menu. Not dated. c1960s. $20.00

FRANCE (French) Menu. 1960s-74. $22.00

GANGE (Lloyd Triestino) Menu. 1934. $30.00

GIULIO CESARE (Italian) Menu. 1951. From her Maiden Voyage. Signatures of fellow passengers on cover. $45.00

GRIPSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1938. $25.00

GRIPSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1946-49. $22.00

GRIPSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu card. 1949. $20.00

GRIPSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1957-65. $20.00

GRIPSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu card. 1961-64. $17.50

GRIPSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1970-74. $20.00

HAITI (Colombian) Menu. 1933-38. $25.00

HANSA (Hamburg American) Unique menu. Menu appears when you open a door. With music program. $49.95

HANSA (Hamburg American) Menu. 1937. Special 90th Anniversary cover. Illustration of “Deutschland – 1848”. With music program. $45.00

HANSEATIC (German Atlantic) Menu. 1973. $20.00

HOMERIC (Home) Special Menu for 2/6/55. Luncheon & Inspection for Travel Agents at NY in commemoration of her Maiden Arrival. $30.00

HOMERIC (Home) Menu. 1950s-60s. $20.00

HOMERIC (Home) Menu card. Not dated. c1960s. $17.50

HOMERIC (White Star) Menu card. 1930. $40.00

HOMERIC (White Star) Dinner menu for Aug 11 1930. 4 page folder. 4.5×7.5″. Blank space for message. Folds closed to form a souvenir “Letter Card” that can be mailed. Superb illustration of the ship on the cover. $60.00

ILE DE FRANCE (French) Menu. 1950s. Large. $30.00

INDEPENDENCE (American Export) Menu. 1950s. $22.00

IROQUOIS (Clyde Mallory) Menu. 1933 with Music program $25.00

IRPINIA (Siosa) Menu. 1970-71. $20.00

ISLAND PRINCESS (Princess) Menu. 1976-78. $20.00

ITALIA (Home) Menu. 1950-55. $20.00

ITALIA (Princess) Menu. 1971-72. $20.00

IVAN FRANKO (Russian) Menu. 1979. Special Pirates Dinner. $22.00

IVAN FRANKO (Russian) Menu. 1979. $20.00

IVERNIA (Cunard) Menu. From her Maiden Voyage 1955. $45.00

IVERNIA (Cunard) Menu. 1950s. $20.00

JASON (Epirotiki) Menu. No date c1960s. $17.50

KARLSRUHE (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1929 PI. Small size. $25.00

KAZAKHSTAN (Russian) Menu. 1982. $20.00

KUNGSHOLM (Flagship) Menu. 1976-78. $20.00

KUNGSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1930 PI. $25.00

KUNGSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. First days of September 1939– the start of WW2. $25.00

KUNGSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1954-59. $20.00

KUNGSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu Card. 1959. $17.50

KUNGSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1965. One of her Final Voyages. $22.00

KUNGSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1966-68. $20.00

KUNGSHOLM (Swedish American) Menu. 1971-73. $20.00

LACONIA (Cunard) Menu. 1920s-30s. $25.00

LAPLAND (Red Star) Menu card. 1929. Attached post card had been detached. $22.00

LEONARDO DA VINCI (Italian) Menu. 1960s. $22.00

LIBERTE (French) Menu. 1952-58. $22.00

LIBERTE (French) Menu. Late Sept.1961. One of her final voyages. $25.00

LURLINE (Matson) Menu card. 1951-52. $17.50

LURLINE (Matson) Menu. 1950-1957. Extremely colorful cover design by “Savage”. Highly sought after. $60.00

LURLINE (Matson) 6.5×9″ menu type folder has sample menu printed inside with text touting food & service. Reply card attached for more information. Small exterior photo. 1960s. $25.00

LURLINE (Matson) Menu. 1960s Very colorful watercolor covers. $22.00

LUTZOW (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1927 with Music Program. $25.00

LYAUTEY (Paquet) Menu. 1962. $20.00

MAASDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1950s. $20.00

MAASDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1950s. $17.50

MANHATTAN (United States) Menu. 1935-38 with Music Program. $25.00

MARCONI (Italian) Menu. 1979. $20.00

MARIPOSA (Matson) Menu. 1960s Chinese Dinner. $22.00

MARIPOSA (Matson) Menu card. 1960s. $17.50

MARIPOSA (Matson) Menu. 1960s – 1972. Very colorful watercolor covers. $22.00

MARIPOSA (Matson) Menu. 1960s. $20.00

MARIPOSA (Matson) Menu. 1970-72. $20.00

MARIPOSA (Pacific Far East) Menu. 1973-74. Very colorful watercolor covers. $22.00

MARIPOSA (Pacific Far East) Menu. 1973-74. $20.00

MARIPOSA (Pacific Far East) Menu. 1974. Hard times Dinner. Paper bag.. $22.00

MARIPOSA (Pacific Far East) Menu card. 1974. $17.50

MARYLAND (N.Y.N.H. & H.R.R.) Table D’hote Dinner Menu. c1905. Edges frayed. $25.00

MATSONIA (Matson) Menu card. 1938. $22.00

MATSONIA (Matson) Menu. 1947. Very colorful pastel covers of a ukulele and flowers (MacIntosh Illustration). $50.00

MATSONIA (Matson) Tea Menu with programme. 4×6.25″ folder. No date, c1950s. $20.00

MATSONIA (Matson) Menu. 1958-62. Very colorful watercolor covers. $22.00

MAURETANIA (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1950. $22.00

MAURETANIA (Cunard) Menu. 1954-64. $20.00

MAURETANIA (Cunard) Menu card. 1954-61. $17.50

MAXIM GORKY (Russian) Menu. 1974. $20.00

MEDIA (Cunard) Menu. 1956. $20.00

MICHELANGELO (Italian) Menu. 1967. $22.00

MIKHAIL LERMONTOV (Russian) Menu. 1977-84. $20.00

MONOWAI (Canadian Australasian) Menu card. 1939. $25.00

MONTE ROSA (Hamburg-South American) Menu card. 1933. $25.00

MONTEREY (Matson) Menu card. 1940. $22.00

MONTEREY (Matson) Menu. 1960s. Very colorful watercolor covers. $22.00

MONTEREY (Matson) Menu. 1960s. $20.00

MONTEREY (Matson) Menu. 1971 $20.00

MONTEREY (Pacific Far East) Menu. 1973-75. Very colorful watercolor covers. $22.00

MONTEREY (Pacific Far East) Menu. 1973-75. $20.00

MONTEREY (Pacific Far East) Menu. 1975- Crew. $22.00

MORMACDRACO (Moore McCormack) Menu card. 1981. $17.50

MUNCHEN (North German Lloyd) Menu card. 1929 with PI of ship on top. $25.00

MUNCHEN (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1929 with Music Program. $25.00

MUNCHEN (North German Lloyd) Menu. 1929. $25.00

NASSAU (Incres) Menu. 1953. $20.00

NEW YORK (Hamburg American) Menu. 1938 with Music Programme. $30.00

NIAGARA (Canadian Australasian) Menu . 1939. $30.00

NIAGARA (Canadian Australasian) Menu card. 1939. $25.00

NIEUW AMSTERDAM (Holland America) Blank Lunch Menu card issued c1970s. Cover has color reproduction of a c1938 advertising poster showing aerial view of ship showing bridge & front funnel. 7.25×14.5″. $20.00

NIEUW AMSTERDAM (Holland America) Blank Lunch Menu card issued c1970s. Cover has color reproduction of a c1938 advertising poster showing Dutch Girl looking out to sea with starboard view of ship.7.25×14.5″. $20.00

NIEUW AMSTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1950s-60s. $20.00

NIEUW AMSTERDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1950s-60s. $17.50

NIEUW AMSTERDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1972. $17.50

NIEUW AMSTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. Not dated. c1970. $17.50

NIEUW AMSTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1984. $20.00

NORTH SEA (Northland Transportation) Menu. 1940 PI. $25.00

NORTH SEA (Northland Transportation) Menu card. 1940. $20.00

OCEAN MONARCH (Furness) Menu. 1950s-65. $20.00

OCEAN MONARCH (Furness) Menu card. 1950s-65. $17.50

OCEANIC (Home) Menu. 1966. $20.00

OCEANIC (Home) Menu. 1974-76. $20.00

OLYMPIA (Greek) Menu. 1950s-60s. $20.00

ORIANA (P&O) Menu. 1960s. $20.00

ORIANA (P&O) Menu. 1970s. $20.00

ORIANA (P&O) Menu card. 1970s. $17.50

ORIENTE (Ward) Menu card. 1936. $22.00

ORONSAY (Orient) Menu. 1960s. $20.00

ORONSAY (Orient) Menu. 1971. $20.00

ORONTES (Orient) Menu. 1956-60. $20.00

ORSOVA (Orient) Menu. 1955-60s. $20.00

ORSOVA (Orient) Menu card. 1959-63. $17.50

OSLOFJORD (Norwegian America) Menu. 1950s. $20.00

PACIFIC PRINCESS (Princess) Menu. 1976. $20.00

PACIFIC PRINCESS (Princess) Menu. 1981-90. $20.00

PAN AMERICA (Munson) Menu card. 1936. $22.00

PARTHIA (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1952. $22.00

PARTHIA (Cunard) Menu. 1950s. $20.00

PARTHIA (Cunard) Nice blank menu or program tyle folder. Suberb color illustration of the ship on the cover by CE Turner. The inside is blank, except for several signatures of fellow passengers. 8.25×10.5″. c1960. $25.00

PATRICIA (Swedish Lloyd) Menu. 1956. $20.00

PENNSYLVANIA (Panama Pacific) Menu. 1930s. $25.00

PENNSYLVANIA (Panama Pacific) Menu card. 1930s. $22.00

PERIM (P&O) Menu card. 1963-64. $17.50

PRESIDENT ADAMS (Dollar) Menu. 1930s. $25.00

PRESIDENT CLEVELAND (American President) Menu. 1959. $20.00

PRESIDENT CLEVELAND (Dollar) Menu. 1939. $25.00

PRESIDENT COOLIDGE (Dollar) Menu Card. 1937. $25.00

PRESIDENT HOOVER (American President) Menu. 1957-59. $20.00

PRESIDENT JACKSON (American President) Menu. 1947. Small paper folder. At the time, the ship was transporting service personel and their families. $20.00

PRESIDENT McKINLEY (Dollar) Menu. 1933. $25.00

PRESIDENT McKINLEY (Dollar) Menu card. 1933. $22.00

PRESIDENT MONROE (American President) Menu. 1948. $22.00

PRESIDENT MONROE (American President) Menu card. 1948. $20.00

PRESIDENT MONROE (American President) Menu. 1954-65. $20.00

PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT (American President) Menu. 1960s. $20.00

PRESIDENT TAFT (American President) Menu. 1939. $25.00

PRESIDENT TAFT (American President) Menu card. 1939. $22.00

PRESIDENT TAFT (Dollar) Menu card. 1936. $22.00

PRESIDENT TRUMAN (Amarican President) Menu. No date, c1960s. $20.00

PRESIDENT VAN BUREN (Dollar) Menu. 1936-37. $25.00

PRESIDENT VAN BUREN (Dollar) Menu card. 1937. $22.00

PRESIDENT WILSON (American President) Menu. 1950. MC. $17.50

PRESIDENT WILSON (American President) Menu. 1950s-60s. $20.00

PRINCE GEORGE (Canadian National) Menu. 1960 with Music Program. $20.00

QE2 (Cunard) Menu. 1969-81. No covers, inset only. $20.00

QE2 (Cunard) Some typical menus on QE2. 4 page brochure. 7×10″. Contains sample menus: Tourist Class Breakfast from Britannia Restaurant, Tourist Class Lunch from Britannia Restaurant & First Class Dinner from Columbia Restaurant. c1970. $30.00

QUEEN ANNA MARIA (Greek) Menu. 1966 $20.00

QUEEN ELIZABETH (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1946-49. Paste marks on rear cover. $25.00

QUEEN ELIZABETH (Cunard) Menu. 1950s-1960s. $20.00

QUEEN ELIZABETH (Cunard) Menu card. 1950s-1960s. $17.50

QUEEN ELIZABETH (Cunard) Menu card. 1968. One of her final voyages. $25.00

QUEEN FREDERICA (National Hellenic) Menu. 1958-64. $20.00

QUEEN MARY (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1947. $25.00

QUEEN MARY (Cunard White Star) Menu. Early 1950s. $22.00

QUEEN MARY (Cunard) Menu. 1950s-60s. $20.00

QUEEN MARY (Cunard) Menu card. 1950s-1960s. $17.50

QUEEN MARY (Cunard) Menu. 1950s-60s PI. $30.00

QUEEN MARY (Cunard) Blank menu folder with PI. No menu printed inside. c1960s. $22.00

QUEEN OF BERMUDA (Furness) Menu. 1937. Paste marks on back. $25.00

QUEEN OF BERMUDA (Furness) Menu card. 1950s. $17.50

QUEEN OF BERMUDA (Furness) Menu. 1950-60. $20.00

RAFFAELLO (Italian) Menu. 1965-73. $22.00

RASA SAYANG (Cruise East) Menu. Inset only, no covers. 1977. $17.50

RELIANCE (Hamburg American) Menu. 1927-31 with Music Programme. $25.00

RELIANCE (Hamburg American) Menu. 1927-31. $25.00

RELIANCE (Hamburg American) Menu card. 1927-31. $22.00

REMPANG (Nederland) Menu. 1953. $20.00

RICHELIEU (Canada Steamship) Menu. Not dated. c1950s. $20.00

RIJNDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1910. PI of Rotterdam with 3 interior photos. Music programme. $45.00

RIJNDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1912. PI of a ship on back cover. Music programme. $40.00

RIVIERA (Caribbean Cruise) Menu card. No date, c1960s. $17.50

ROMA (Italian) Menu. 1930s. $25.00

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1912. PI of NIEUW AMSTERDAM on back cover. Music programme. $40.00

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Blank Menu folder issued c1970s. Cover has color port bow photo of liner near land. This was the Rotterdam IV, c1920s. $20.00

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1934-39. $25.00

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1961-1964. World Cruise. $20.00

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1960s. $20.00

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1960s. $17.50

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1971-76. $20.00

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1971-72. $17.50

ROTTERDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1975-76. World Cruise. $20.00

ROYAL GEORGE (Canadian Northern) Menu card. 1911. $45.00

ROYAL VIKING SEA (Royal Viking) Menu. 1975. World Cruise. $20.00

ROYAL VIKING SKY (Royal Viking) Menu. 1977. $20.00

ROYAL VIKING STAR (Royal Viking) Menu. 1978. World Cruise. $20.00

ROYAL VIKING STAR (Royal Viking) Menu. 1986. $20.00

RUYS (Royal Interocean) Menu. 1958-59. $20.00

RUYS (Royal Interocean) Menu card. 1958-59. $17.50

RYNDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1950s-60s. $20.00

RYNDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1950s-60s. $17.50

SAGAFJORD (Norwegian America) Menu. 1966. $20.00

SAGAFJORD (Norwegian America) Menu. No date, c1970. $20.00

SAGAFJORD (Norwegian America) Menu. 1975. $20.00

SAMARIA (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1936. $25.00

SAMARIA (Cunard White Star) Menu. 1951. $22.00

SAMARIA (Cunard) Menu. 1951. $20.00

SANTA MAGDALENA (Grace) Menu. Not dated. c1963. $20.00

SANTA MAGDALENA (Grace) Menu. Not dated. c1963. No covers, inset only. $17.50

SANTA PAULA (Grace) Menu. 1947. $22.00

SANTA PAULA (Grace) Menu. 1950s-60s. Large. $22.00

SANTA PAULA (Grace) Menu. 1969. $20.00

SANTA ROSA (Grace) Menu. 1950s-62. Large. $22.00

SANTA ROSA (Grace) Menu. 1958-62. $20.00

SATURNIA (Italian) Menu. 1954. $22.00

SAXONIA (Cunard) Menu. 1957. $20.00

SEA VENTURE (Flagship) Menu. 1971-74. $20.00

SHAWNEE (Clyde Mallory) Menu. 1934-36 with Music Program. $25.00

SILVERSTAR (Silverstar) Menu. 1956 PI. Paper menu. $20.00

SILVERSTAR (Silverstar) Menu card. 1956. $17.50

SKY PRINCESS (Princess) Menu. Inset only, no covers. No date, c1990. $17.50

SPREE (North German Lloyd) Menu card. 1896. Program on back. $45.00

STATENDAM (Holland America) Blank Lunch Menu card issued c1970s. Cover has color reproduction of a c1929 advertising poster showing 3 funnels and port side of ship. 7.25×14.5″. $20.00

STATENDAM (Holland America) Blank Lunch Menu card issued c1970s. Cover has color reproduction of a 1929 advertising poster showing close up of air vent & funnels. 7.25×14.5″. $20.00

STATENDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1930s. $25.00

STATENDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1930s. Small size with PI. $25.00

STATENDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1930s. $22.00

STATENDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1957. $20.00

STATENDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1957-61. $17.50

STEFAN BATORY (Gdynia America) Menu. 1970s. $20.00

STRATHAIRD (P&O) Menu. 1938. $25.00

STRATHAIRD (P&O) Menu card. 1938. $22.00

SUN PRINCESS (Princess) Menu. 1979-84. $20.00

SUN PRINCESS (Princess) Menu. Not dated. c1980. $17.50

SYLVANIA (Cunard) Menu. 1957-67. $20.00

TARAS SHEVCHENKO (Russian) Menu. 1978-80. $20.00

TEGELBERG (Royal Interocean) Menu. 1961. $20.00

TRANSYLVANIA (Anchor) Menu. 1929-30s. $25.00

UNITED STATES (United States) Menu. 1950s-60s. $22.00

URUGUAY (Moore McCormack) Menu. 1940-41. $22.00

VEENDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1929. $25.00

VEENDAM (Holland America) Menu card. 1929. $22.00

VEENDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1976. $20.00

VEENDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1983. $20.00

VICTORIA (Adriatica) Menu. 1961 $20.00

VICTORIA (Incres) Menu. 1960s. $20.00

VIRGINIA (Panama Pacific) Menu. 1936-38. $25.00

VIRGINIA (Panama Pacific) Menu card. 1937. $22.00

VOLENDAM (Holland America) Menu. 1980. $20.00

VULCANIA (Cosulich) Menu. 1930-33. $30.00

WASHINGTON (United States) Menu. 1934-36 with Music Program. $25.00

WINDARRA (Australian National) Menu card. 1962. $17.50

YANGTZEJIANG (Yangtse River) Menu. 1987. $20.00

ZACAPA (United Fruit) Menu. 1935. $25.00

(American Mail) Menu card. 1954. Single sheet. $17.50

(Bergen) Menu Card. No date c1960s. PI. $17.50

(CP Rail) Menu card. No date c1970. PI. $17.50

(CP Rail) Menu. No date c1970. PI. $17.50

(Dollar) Menu. 1936. $22.00

(Holland America) Menu. Not dated. c1920s with Music Program. Small illustration of Statendam on back. $22.00

(Holland America) Blank Menu folder issued c1970s. Cover has color portview of old liner near land. (One funnel, 2 sails)This was the Rotterdam IV, c1920s. $15.00

(Holland America) Blank Lunch Menu card issued c1970s. Cover has color reproduction of a c1930s advertising poster showing art deco starboard bow view of liner at sea Artist: Brock.. 7.25×14.5″. $15.00

(Holland America) Blank Lunch Menu card issued c1970s. Cover has color reproduction of a c1930s advertising poster showing bird at sea. Text of poster: “Naar Amerika, Canada, Cuba, Mexico Met De Holland America Lyn”. 7.25×14.5″. $15.00

(Holland America) Blank Lunch Menu card issued c1970s. Cover has color reproduction of a c1939 advertising poster showing liner in front of symbol of 1939 NY World’s Fair and skyline. Text of poster in Dutch. 7.25×14.5″. $15.00

(Holland America) Menu. 1968. $15.00

(Italian) “Discover Gourmets Paradise in Cabin Class”. 9×12″. Specimen menus for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Exterior photo, 2 interiors. Text. Small tear repaired. 1960. $30.00

(Italian) Classe Tourista. 9×12″. Specimen menus for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. 3 small interior photos. Text in Italian. 1960. $30.00

(Norwegian America) Menu card. 1975. $15.00

(Princess) Menu. 1976-78. $15.00

(Royal Caribbean) Menu. Not dated. c1970s. $15.00

(Sun) Menu. Not dated. c1970. $15.00

(Swedish American) Menu card. No date, c1950s. $15.00

(United Fruit) Menu. 1943. Reunion Reacquaintance Dance & Dinner for the American Steamship & Tourists Agents Association, held at the McAlpin Hotel in New York. $20.00

(United States) Menu. Not dated. c1927. Suggestion menu. $22.00

(United States) Menu. 1950s. $17.50

(United States) Menu card. 1950s-60s. $15.00