Catalog OfWhite Star Line Emergency Stations Deck Plans

A while ago, we sent out information on our White Star Line Emergency Stations Deck Plans. The response has been overwhelming!  We have received many letters using the words:

  • Truly Exceptional Plans
  • Wonderful
  • Amazing
  • Best Items You Ever Offered

We knew these were outstanding plans but had no idea of the impact they would have on collectors!

If you have already ordered some plans, you may now wish to order those not previously chosen. If you have not yet submitted your order, here is another chance!
These are the RARE ORIGINAL Deck Plans that were issued by White Star Line about 1925-30.

These plans are unique because in addition to the complete passenger accommodations and public rooms the detailed plans also show the entire ship–crew accommodations, engine & boiler rooms, etc..

To illustrate some of the detail, we spotted the following: We have chosen just one item of detail from each of the detailed plans. There are many, many more on each plan! In addition, these plans also show the placement of furniture in the rooms.

The Deck Plans for the Georgic are not as detailed as the others. Although the entire ship is shown, only the passenger areas are labeled. These plans also do not show the placement of any furniture. All of the remaining plans, do show the detail described above.

Again, these are the RARE ORIGINAL Deck Plans. All are in Very Good Condition or better. These will make a wonderful addition to your collection, and of course, can be framed. We are pleased to offer these Truly Exceptional Deck Plans at attractive prices. Order now to avoid disappointment.

All of the plans are in Very Good Condition or better.  By Far the Best Plans I Have Ever Seen

  • Printers Cabin on the Homeric
  • Butchers Cabin on the Majestic
  • Chief Engineers Stateroom on the Doric
  • Stewards Messroom on the Adriatic
  • Shows the location of the Lifeboat Stations
  • PLAN02

    30×34″. Detailed.

  • PLAN03

    30×34″. Detailed.

  • PLAN05

    20×25″. Detailed.

  • PLAN06

    20×25″. Detailed.

  • PLAN09