Catalog OfCunard Line Menu Covers


These ORIGINAL Menu Covers have beautiful cover illustrations on them that are suitable for framing, but there is no menu printed inside them. The last of this series is not a Cunarder, but is the SS CARIBIA of Universal Cruise Line. The Cunard Caronia became the Caribia after her Cunard service was completed. As is the case with all other items we sell, these covers are the original ones issued by the steamship line, they have not been reproduced.
There are twelve different covers available. All are folder type.

It is interesting how menus on the Great Ocean Liners were prepared. Each ship had its own print shop. The beautiful menu covers were custom printed by superb printing facilities on land in advance. These were delivered to the ships with the inside (menu portion) blank. Daily the Chef and/or managing staff of each vessel decided what to serve that day, and the menu was dated and then created on board.

Sometimes special menus were prepared for special occasions and private parties. The menus were generally kept by the passengers as a memento of the voyage.

Our experience is that our clientele enjoys either framing these menus, or to actually buy them in quantity to prepare their own special occasion menus.

Item Number CUNCVR-SET: These covers are sold as a SET ONLY. The set includes one each of the twelve covers shown below. Price of the set is $45.00

  • MC01

    Valentine’s Day Cover. 5×7″.

  • MC02

    Colorful Flowers. 10×7″. Illustration on rear cover as well, as shown.

  • MC03

    Fishing Equipment. 6.75×8.75″. Cunard Name on cover.

  • MC04

    Church in Dolomite Mountains. 7.25×9.25″.

  • MC05

    Grand Canal, Venice. 6×8″. Cunard Name on cover in gold.

  • MC06

    Eiffel Tower. 6.75×8.75″. Cunard Name on cover.

  • MC07

    Wren’s London. 6.75×8.75″. Cunard Name on cover.

  • MC08

    Military Tattoo, Edinburgh. Night view. 7.25×9.25″.

  • MC09

    Loch Linnhe. Beautiful sunset. 7.25×9.25″.

  • MC10

    Photo of Caronia off Oban. 8×10.5″. Cunard Name on cover.

  • MC11

    To-Day’s Programme. 5.75×8.5″. Cunard Name on Cover.

  • MC12

    Caribia Captain’s Dinner. 8×10.5″. Name of ship on cover.