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Carpathia Deck Plans

VLT10 CARPATHIA, PANNONIA, CARMANIA, CARONIA, FRANCONIA, LACONIA, IVERNIA, SAXONIA (Cunard) Superb 44 page booklet. 6×8″. Saloon Rates and DECK PLANS 1911-1912. Contains Deck Plans for all 8 ships. (8 sets of Deck Plans). Text, with mention and photo of Lusitania/Mauretania. Exterior photo of one of their ships in the Mediterranean service. General information and interport fares. Of special historical interest is not only the Deck Plan of the Carpathia (which are extremely rare in any event) is the fact that the Saloon Fares are listed from the April 1912 sailings, which of course is when the Carpathia rescued the passengers of the Titanic! Small ink mark on rear cover. $4,995.00.